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Frank Gifford: Forever Big Blue, The Passing Of A True Giant

Many NFL teams have had players who have been the “face of a franchise” for a decade. The 1980’s 49ers had Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. When you think of the 1970’s Steelers, it is Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene that come to mind. You can’t think of Green Bay in the 1960’s without Bart Starr. Back in the 1950’s and even into the early 60’s the New York
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Did Tom Brady Just Win League MVP?

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Tom Brady may have just separated himself from the pack tonight in the race for NFL MVP. Usually by this late in the season someone in the NFL has separated himself from the rest and had the MVP on lock. Last year Aaron Rodgers was considered the heavy favorite for MVP with the only opposition being Drew Brees. This year has been a