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Adrian Peterson: Vikings Send Strong Message In Deactivating Running Back

  After deciding to activate their franchise running back for their game against the New Orleans Saints, the Minnesota Vikings reversed course and placed Adrian Peterson on the exempt list late Tuesday. Peterson, the center of a national discussion on child abuse after images and reports first surfaced of him beating one of his four-year-old son with a switch, was suspended with pay from team activities, was arrested for “reckless
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NFL Player Safety And Its Hypocrisy

The NFL has made great strides when it comes to player safety most notably when it comes to quarterbacks and defenseless receivers. Just recently the league has begun to protect players on the defensive side of the football. One example that came into effect for 2013 is that ball-carriers are not allowed to lead with the crown of their helmets and it also applies to tacklers. The rule reads "It is a foul if