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La Femme Nikita! Q and A with Actress and Fashion/Swimsuit Model, Nakita Negrette

With summer in full swing now, and most of us likely hitting the local Cineplex, beach, swimming pool or sports venue to either enjoy or escape the hot weather, it is safe to say that we have plenty of options to beat the heat. You have blockbuster movies like Wonder Woman, Transformers: The Last Knight, Spiderman: Homecoming currently playing, a multitude of beaches from coast to coast to with lay
Interviews/Features Women

Rose City Beauty! Q and A With Instagram Swimsuit Model, Alicia Sollazzo

Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Directly across from Detroit, Michigan, Windsor is Canada’s southern most city. Thanks to Canada’s legal drinking age of 19, and it’s popular casino, Caesars Windsor, Americans come in droves across the iconic Ambassador Bridge to partake in underage drinking and gambling. Known as the “City of Roses” and the “Automotive Capital of Canada”, the city of close to 330,000 is a vital city in the form of