GREEN BAY, WI — The Tailgate tales continue to historic Lambeau Field. Fresh off the New Year the bitter cold of the Frozen Tundra is awaiting us for those that can be brave enough to prepare for a Sunday Night game. Just thinking about tailgating in weather like that will give you the extreme chills.

January football at Lambeau Field is a ritual as some of these people prepare for these moments all year long. The houses right across the street are Packer themed in one way shape or form and you then know that you have arrived at The Frozen Tundra.

The Frozen Tundra sounds like a mythical land that awards you with an unknown treasure if you survive.

Some people can still feel the ghost of Vince Lombardi as they see the goosebumps spread across their body. The biggest treasure that adventurers go after is the trophy named after Lombardi himself.

There have been adventurers that have braved the bitter cold of the Frozen Tundra to place their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning and Tom Brady to name a few have passed the test of the frozen mythical lands.

When you arrive at Lot 1, you’ll see traditional old school hard-nosed tailgating. The experience of Lot 1 is extremely unique. Make sure you’re prepared for a shotski, since they love their exclusive recipe liquors from apple cider to various other liquor combinations. Some of those shots will warm you quickly.

You will also see CHEESE!!!! Lots and lots of CHEESE.

It’s all about tradition here in Green Bay. You’ll see a ton of bratwurst as you witness anyone from Wisconsin is proud of their heritage. The set up at Lot 1 is extremely organized and on point. Lot 1 at Lambeau will warm you up quickly as you prepare to watch a football game for 3 plus hours.

Most fans will welcome you as one of their own before the battle begins. You will receive overall great hospitality treatment as if you were in your own backyard, even us Vikings fans!

Enjoy the camaraderie as you are waiting for the upcoming battle. Once the battle is set to begin, all bets are off and it’s time to represent your team as your goal is not to have a voice for the next three days.

When the final 0:00’s strike its back to partying with your fellow NFL Fans home and away. You must witness the mythical cold of “The Frozen Tundra” at least once if you are a fan of the sport of football.



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