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Takeaways from the 2016 NBA Draft

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Last week’s draft opened up with lots of opportunities for superstars to change places but in the end we didn’t see a Kevin Love, Jimmy Butler, or many other big trades. But that will make free agency even more intriguing in the next week or so.

Philadelphia told us already they were drafting Ben Simmons from LSU on Tuesday. He will likely be in a point forward role in Philly, a role where he becomes the main playmaker and ball handler. The inability to trade two of the four bigs they have will be a problem especially when you pass on PC’s Kris Dunn. Dunn might’ve been able to solidify balance for the 76ers.

I still believe Brandon Ingram is just another overrated tweener who may never be the guy that Jay Bilas and other pundits are saying. I think the “Duke” thing may have been the reason he went 2nd because he definitely isn’t a better player than Dunn, Murray, Jaylen Brown to an extent, and certainly not close to Simmons.

The Celtics had Brooklyn’s pick at #3 overall and yet were not able to get a deal for an established starter, but at the end of the day Celtics fans have to like Jaylen Brown.

Brown, in my opinion, is better in five years than Brandon Ingram and I feel like he can be a contributor right away, particularly with Turner, Jrebko, and Sully leaving the team in all likelihood. The Celtics really got some real steals in the 2nd round with Ben Bentil and Demetrius Jackson, I expect to see both over the course of the season.

The Indiana Pacers are the 2nd best team in the East if they can somehow get an effective big for Mahmini, who is a pending Free Agent. Paul George, Jeff Teague, and now Thaddeus Young gives them a huge boost with an improving Myles Turner. Not quite on Cleveland’s level but they do have MVP candidate Paul George.

Chicago is getting a joke or two for their mismanagement in recent years and the Valentine pick makes absolutely no sense. Unless Mirotic is going to play PF but then where will Jimmy play? Is he staying at SG, moving to SF?

Dejounte Murray to San Antonio is a possible steal when you look back in five years, the kid can play, I don’t know how Malachi Richardson got selected before him. San Antonio can save him for the future.

Memphis getting Wade Baldwin and Deyonta Davis could give them a lift with Conley leaving and Randolph not quite being the same player as before.

A lot of freshman learned the hard way about declaring for the draft early, these kids should be able to return to school if they’re not drafted. NBA GMs went into the draft as if Ingram and Simmons were the only gems. They’ll regret it later because this draft has talent all across the board.

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