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Taking Care Of Your Employees Safety During Office Renovation

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Few years went by and your business space isn’t looking as well as it used to. Remember those first days when everything looked so new and fresh? If a company’s interior has lost its looks, it’s the right time to work on some renovation. Don’t hesitate because outdated furniture and old floor can send a bad message to your clients, therefore affecting your revenue.

While working on refurbishing your firm, you’ll probably want to stay open in order to maximize your profit and avoid losing continuity in service that you provide. Be aware that your employees can find themselves in jeopardy while working under those circumstances. It is crucial to prevent all possible accidents, and a good plan will surely be very helpful.

Protect everybody from harm

In order to keep accidents from happening, you should work on a detailed safety plan. Your safety plan must be finished before reconstruction begins. There are few more things you should consider after finishing your safety plan. The restoration team must follow OSHA, and all of the regulatory body standards as well. You’ll also need people who will check the plan, you’ll need to hire a general contractor and the third-party company which will work on facelifting.

Even after all of the regulations and requirements are fulfilled, the construction team will create debris, dust and unpleasant smell. All of that can, and probably will affect the well-being of your employees in a negative and disturbing way. Because of that, don’t forget to include barriers installment and other means of protection in the contract. It is very important to protect indoor air quality since it can cause a lot of issues to people who are exposed to it. Some of the issues that might occur are asthma and contact dermatitis.

Declutter the workspace

One of the main steps you should take on the start of the reconstruction is making some room. You don’t want stuffed shelves above workers’ heads, and finding a supercheap self storage units could be the right solution. That way, you can take out all of the unneeded stuff which is packed in your storage rooms. Another good thing is that you’re finally going to get rid of the items which are outdated and were just collecting dust over the years.

Once you’ve taken all of the stuff out, get organized with your managers, and decide what will stay in the firm, what should be sent to a storage, and what is going to be dumped or recycled. This action will open up a lot of valuable storage space you probably thought wasn’t there at all.

Standards for safety plan

Without safety standards, your safety plan won’t be effective. The plan is just filled with vague guidelines, and standards should be attached to the plan. Your safety standards should include the following:

  • Make sure to post layouts in every section where upgrading will take place. Besides that, you’ll need evacuation routes printed and unneeded in a way they can be visible to everyone.

  • Communicate with merchandise vendors by letting them know that renovation will take place in your company. Give them heads-up about the dates and warn them to be cautious and neat while working.

  • Everything that needs to be installed should be on site. All new features and display should be in their section ready for setting up. You may as well pre-install them if you have spare time on your hands.

  • During facelifting, floors should be wiped every hour. That way you’ll provide better air quality for your employees.

  • Try to minimize or hide the most of the extension cords. By putting them aside, you’ll facilitate moving through your workspace, while making it safer.

  • Provide your workers with protective items and make sure to reset them.

  • Take care of your clients or customers since they are also at risk. Put up some warning signs which can help vulnerable groups (kids and seniors). They’ll need it because they haven’t received any training for those types of situations.

Final thoughts

Once you’ve worked on your safety plan in detail, included safety standards in the plan, and decluttered your firm’s interior, you may pull up your sleeves and start working on reconstruction. Your job is to keep people safe and productive during the construction and your company will be good as new in no time.

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