By Emma Jones

Smartphone function almost like mini computers and the benefit of using one lies in the fact that you can carry all your important stuffs in this portable device.

With the advent and gradual development of Smart phones, finding out your favorite music has also become easier. Good music is available online and you can now make it yours for free.

This has been made possible by the Android music downloading apps available. This means, you can now listen to your favorite music wherever you go without even paying a single penny.

Here is a quick rundown of all the top Android apps available for downloading your favorite song for free.

Let’s check out the features of these great apps so that you can make your selection wisely.

Best free Android apps for music download

#1. Google Play Music

This app is immensely popular among users of Android phone and hence demands no explanation. This cool app offers you the opportunity to upload even more than 50,000 songs to cloud. This means you can play and listen to your favorite songs offline anytime, anywhere. The free version of this Android app offers you a curated playlist where you can save near about thousands of songs.

#2. Deezer

If you are looking for the best quality music while listening offline, Deezer is the best choice. With this app installed in your phone you can create a playlist consisting of an unlimited number of songs. This means, playing your desired song everywhere is easy.


If music radio stations are your ultimate love, then make this Mp3 music downloader yours. This is mainly a radio app that helps you to download the song you love from a wide array of radio stations. In other words, with this unique app you can listen to various radio stations as per your choice and taste.

#4. Jango

This is also a radio app that functions in a similar manner to IHEARTRADIO. With this app you can get access to new songs of all new artists and new age rock stars across the world. This means, Jango will offer you access to a wide range of song genres like Remix, Hip-Hop, Classical and a lot more. However, this app has a single downside- it will broadcast one ad each day. Well! If you are a crazy music fan this issue is not unbearable.

#5. Soundcloud

All this app does is to make you listen to music in a more stylish way. Moreover, you can discover and listen to almost all genres of music. Downloading the music files you love across genres like Rap, Love, Hip-Hop, Chill, Romantic, Classic and a lot more is made easy. You can download this app for free anytime and enjoy seamless music.

#6. 4Shared Music Free Downloader

Best part about this Android app is that it acts as a great online resource. It is like an online free space where you can upload and store up to 1GB files. You can download the music file you love in MP3 format and save them offline to listen anytime. This unique quality makes this app a must download and use for all the crazy music lovers.

#7. Rockmyrun- Best workout music

Just like your mind, your body too loves some quality music. This is the reason people love to move their body with the rhythm of some feet-tapping music during workouts. You now have the perfect way out to do the exact same thing once you have this awesome music app in your Smartphone. During your busy workout sessions, you can listen to the best DJ’s and the latest party mixes. This practice keeps you motivated while you are running, doing exercise, walking or jogging.

#8. Anghami

This music app brings to you a great collection of songs that includes millions of the biggest hits of English, American and Arabic individual singers. So, why not discover you favorite music album and have them in your tablet or phone? You can get access to several types of songs and kill boredom in the perfect way. Best part about Anghami is that all the files are available in Dolby. This means you can enjoy them while relaxing.

Now that you have such a wonderful list handy, choose the one you are most comfortable with. Find your favorite music on the go and dance with the tunes for free. All the above apps are designed to satiate your thirst for music.

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