With today’s ever-shifting market, keeping up with the times can be difficult. One of the crucial points in any startup’s success is the creation and optimization of a web page. Although seeming unimportant to some, a quality web page is essentially a reflection of your company and the biggest selling point for potential buyers and/or users. The landing page will be a window into the world you’re offering, shaping user’s impression of both the service offered and the company as a whole. There are a few easy steps that will help companies avoid potential hiccups when going online.

Keep it simple

A common mistake is the old corporate notion that more is better. Just like with most things, less is, actually, more. A simple, easy-to-navigate and visually pleasing page will incite users to look around and make an amazing first impression. Look at it this way, we live in an age that offers services at the click of a button, no one likes having to go through thirty pop-ups to get to the thing they’ve been searching for. A minimalistic aesthetic with as few clicks as possible has shown to be superior both in accessibility and user retention.

Future-proof everything

As the site comes together as a concept, it is important to not only think about the present. Future-proofing is essentially making an educated guess of where tech is going and following suit. As tech moves more and more into the mobile realm, it is reasonable to think that optimizing your site for touch screens and smaller layouts would be best, This directly ties into the previous point about making the site as simple as possible, it will automatically make it more accessible to mobile platforms and give off a more professional feel to it.

Attain SEO compliance

Before starting to build the site, it is paramount to look into SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now that you’ve built a looker, it’s time to get it noticed. SEO essentially boosts your site’s visibility online by molding it to better suit web search algorithms used by companies like Google. Thankfully, sites like Google were kind enough to offer a quick guide, giving sites pointers as to what influences whether a site appears on the first page or the fifteenth. SEO is a fairly cheap investment that guarantees site hits, nothing more needs to be said.

Hire professionals

A point that cannot be stressed enough, like with any endeavor, there are trained professionals for the job. Good web design is by no means cheap, but it’s an investment for the future. A good web designer will make a sturdy foundation for your company to grow on, whereas cheaper options would soon see it crumble. These people have devoted their lives to know what works and what doesn’t and have in-depth knowledge of the system. In case your budget won’t allow a good designer, fret not, there are website builders that provide all of this but at the cost of never really standing out.

Look into AMP tech

As an ultimate endgame, combining all of the above, we have AMP. AMP aka the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is basically a way of creating a site that makes it load almost instantly on mobile devices. Investing into AMP will cover all of the points above in one fell swoop; keeping it clean, simple, professional-looking and boosting its SEO score. Sites have already started using the tech, making mobile users flock in swarms. If still skeptical, it is worth checking out some of the sites and seeing the potential firsthand.

The gist

Managing a startup company is a difficult endeavor, the pitfalls are everywhere. For digital marketing to make good results, it needs impeccable on and of site coordination. This is why stinting its growth by cutting corners in web design simply does not make sense. With conventional ads out of the window, a company’s website really is its identity to the outside world. The p roper presentation will set apart your company from the thousands if not millions of competing firms. To reiterate the metaphor from above: building a company is akin to building a house, a proper website will act as the foundation, helping it stand the test of time and stand tall for years to come.

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