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Tech Gift Guide: 7 Cool Gadgets For The Geek Who Already Has Everything

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Nothing could be a better gift for a gadget geek than some cool and new gadget. But when it comes to finding a tech gift for someone who is no less than a DOREMON—who has a solution to everything—it can be tricky to decide. Even if someone is not a gadget geek, they would love to get something that assists them in their day-to-day work. When your DOREMON friend has it all, it is best to focus on the accessories or something they would love to have for their work efficiency. Here are seven cool gadgets that you can gift your tech-savvy friend. Have a look:

Fitness Tracking Watch ‘Fitbit Charge 3’

Fitness tracking watches are popular in the market for their accuracy of measuring your activity levels. Fitbit is one amazing watch that is stylishly designed, waterproof, and compatible with Androids. The amazing thing is that it tracks your heart rate as well and not just the physical steps you take during the day. So, for the fitness freaks in your friend list, a fitness tracking watch is definitely the best purchase.

Digital Baking Assistant ‘The Perfect Bake’

With a million recipes out there, everyone loves to cook and bake. Yet, it takes time to become a perfect baker. Moreover, we always make mistakes while measuring the ingredients; therefore, ‘the perfect bake’ is one such digital assistant that measures the ingredients for you via the provided bowl. The bowl is connected with the app and it tells you when to stop adding a particular ingredient. Isn’t it absolutely magical? It also has three timers for mixing, baking, and cooling to aid you to bake the perfect cake, pastry or biscuits.

Solar Panels ‘Caravan Solar Panels’

Solar panels are a great replacement for electricity. Monthly bills are no less a burden with it. Caravan solar panel is the most durable, cost-effective as well as efficient gift for your loved one who is obsessed with technology. Go here to check out the reviews before you decide to make a purchase.

Anxiety Suppressor ‘Spire’

So your gadget geek friend has anxiety issues? Do you thing s/he is always anxious? Get Spire for them! It is a wearable gadget that is connected with the iPhone app. It keeps in check the breathing patterns and it signals you to breathe calmly when it senses the tension. It encourages you to meditate or perform short exercises to release the tension before you even realize you have it.

Phone Camera Lens ‘Olloclip’

Olloclip can work magically to make your phone photos coolest of all. The lenses give your pictures a subtle touch to make them look heavenly. Why not gift your photography obsessed friend a phone camera lens that can save them from carrying a DSLR everywhere they go. There are other amazing camera lenses as well that you might want to see. You can check out the best ones at cameraseals.com.

Computerized Handwriting ‘Neo Smartpen’

Not everyone has great handwriting, so why not get this Neo Smartpen. This smartpen digitizes whatever you write on Android or IOS app. It best works with online notebooks or a paper that you can print via a laser printer. For the gadget geek friend who also takes keen interest in art, this cool gadget can make their day.

Flavored Cup ‘The Right Cup’

Be it for the fitness freaks or for the ailing friends who cannot enjoy many flavors, this is truly the right cup. It is slightly flavored as well as scented to stir your senses immediately into what you are having. Even a plain glass of water can turn into a sweet and fruity drink with this amazing gadget. It is the best gift for someone who is foodie.

About the Author: Andrea Taylor is a human resource expert with over 10 years’ experience helping HR managers and employees create better work relations. She’s also an avid freelance writer who has been published in online magazines and cooperate websites. When she is not engaged in HR developments, she loves hitting the road to see new places and exploring new gadgets. She regularly writes blogs at https://productspy.co.uk/.

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