Activation is a process that allows a copy of the operating system to be authenticated. First, it will confirm that the user has the rights to operate the installed copy of Windows, and second, it will make sure that this license is not used on more machines than provided by the license agreement. That means, the process is caused to prevent illegal copying of software, and, it will allow customizing the system; setting up the interface is unavailable without a license. And the KMSAuto Net program will help with it.

KMSAuto Net program was invented for activating software products from Microsoft. It is the most reliable and secure since it has been installed. It activates almost all the programs software for life. The activator does not contain malware and viruses. It can fix all the keys. Malicious, spyware and trojans can cause irreparable damage to computer equipment.

How to provide reliable protection from outside attacks? for Windows will help to cope with this task. This software is related to various threats. This is a reliable scanner created by Kaspersky and Bitdefender. It detects, recognizes and deletes any malicious files. It works correctly and efficiently.

The principle of the program

To get started, you need to download and run it. Then you need to run it and tick the “Activate Windows”. The program’s algorithm starts working, that is, it convinces the robot developer that your software is licensed and blocking, as well as the countdown counter.

Now it will be possible to use its possibilities indefinitely until the next time until the robot again calculates you. In order to less catch the eye it is necessary to disable the Install Updates option when installing the operating system. This reduces the likelihood that you will have to resort to the services of the KMSAuto Net program. The principle of operation of this activator is that KMSAuto Net Portable, updated in 2019, installs a fake server so that Windows cannot verify the authenticity of the information product.

Then the license key is installed and the Microsoft developer is quietly removed to look for violators elsewhere, and your system can continue to work quietly. Program settings allow you to install in manual mode if the automatic version cannot launch the activation. CCM-auto is a program with high intelligence, which allows you to select and remember certain parameters for a computer on which it was already run and activated. If you want to start the downloaded version on a new computer, then you definitely need to transfer the initial parameters to work, then everything will go smoothly.

It is important to remember that when installing the activator, the antivirus can block access to the program. Therefore, for correct operation, it is necessary to disable anti-virus software for the period of launch of KMSAuto Net.     After activation, you cannot disable the update service, since the arrival and installation of all system updates are performed without the license errors.

KMSAuto Net Portable – a unique activator that allows you to use the licensed version of Windows 10 and earlier for free and without restrictions.

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