Your iPhone data is precious. Although you love to flaunt the new iPhone XS Max with iOS 12, but never want to part with your old iPhone’s data. These may hold memorable photos, videos, personal music collection, contacts, WhatsApp or Kik messages etc.

Thus, after setting up the new device, the next task remains to restore Apple’s backup to iPhone XS or XR. However, most users get paranoid when it comes to transferring old data to the new iPhone.

If you are also not sure how to restore iTunes / iCloud backup to the new iPhone or tried but was not successful, here we share how effortlessly you can restore backup to iPhone XS and XR.

Also get to know, what you may be doing wrong, which failed to restore backup on iPhone XS/XR.

How to restore backup to iPhone

Method 1: Restore form iCloud Backup

Method 1: Restore from iTunes Backup

Method 1: Restore through third-party iPhone data recovery tool

Method 1: Transfer data through Quick Start

Method 1: Restore iCloud backup to iPhone XS/XR

iCloud backups contain almost complete iPhone data including apps and settings. You require continuous high-speed internet connection and also ensure iCloud backup option is turned on in your old iPhone.

How to restore backup to iPhone via iCloud

· Open the new iPhone XS/XR Apps & Data screen

· Select Restore from iCloud Backup

· Sign in to your iCloud account using Apple ID

· Select the latest backup

· Tap Next > Agree>Tap Agree again.

· Select the recent backup and wait till the restore process ends

App data, call history, device settings, home screen and app organization, iMessage, text (SMS), MMS messages, photos and videos on your iPhone, Apple services like your music, movies, TV shows, and apps are transferred through iCloud backup.

To download your songs, albums, and playlists from iCloud, subscribe to iCloud Music Library after all other data is restored on your iPhone XS/XR.

Method 2: Restore iTunes Backup to iPhone XS/XR

Another way to restore old iPhone data is through iTunes backup. It does not require Internet connection like iCloud. But you have to ensure the below:

ü The latest iPhone backup is on iTunes

ü iTunes is updated

How restore backup to iPhone XS/XR via iTunes

· Connect the new iPhone to computer

· Launch iTunes

· Select your device under the Device list

· Pick the most recent backup entry date from the Summary page

· Click Restore Backup

Complete iTunes backup will be restored on your new device. If you wish to restore only selected items on to your new iPhone, choose to do it with the help of a software.


Method 3: Restore backup to iPhone via software

A simpler and quick way to restore backup on new iPhone is with the help of a software, such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. The software can restore even the lost or deleted data from iTunes. Be it contacts, call history, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, WeChat, Tango, WhatsApp messages and attachments, Notes, etc., you can get back all on the new device.

Before picking on the software, first confirm that the software is safe to download and supports your iOS and iPhone XS/XR. Your iTunes should also be updated.

Why use software instead of iCloud/iTunes back up

ü Faster and easy

ü Allows to select files and restore, rather complete backup

ü Works when iCloud/ iTunes fail to restore files on iPhone XS/XR/XS Max

ü Restores the deleted or lost photos, videos etc., too


Method 4: Restore backup through Quick Start

If the old iPhone is on iOS 11 or iOS 12, use Quick Start to transfer data to new phone. This requires you to place both the iPhones next to each other and turn on Wi-Fi in the iPhone XS/XR. Quick Start detects the new iPhone and provides the backup options — restore from the iCloud backup and update old iPhone’s backup and then restore.

Choose the iCloud backup option. All your iCloud photos, videos, apps, preferences etc., are transferred to iPhone XS/XR.


To Sum Up

Latest iPhone XS/XR is your proud possession, but parting with the old iPhone’s data is not an option. You can set your new iPhone and restore old photos, videos, music, WhatsApp messages, voice memos, call history etc., with the Apple’s backup services – iCloud or iTunes.

However, in case you want certain data on your new device and not everything from the old phone, go for the software method. The iPhone recovery software not only allows you to select whatever you wish to take to the new device, but also restores those photos, videos etc., which were accidentally deleted or lost sometimes ago.

About the Author: Nishat Paiker is a full-time technical writer who has deep knowledge about data recovery and its related issues. She specializes in technical research and in her free time loves to read anything that comes her way and help online fraternity with their day-to-day data managing and recovery issues.

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