What is celebrity endorsement? Has it really helped brands grow and diversify its products? Do celebrities use these endorsed products and services?

Well, celebrity endorsement is a brand advertising with a well-known face like a Hollywood celebrity or a sports icon to help promote a product or service. Whether it is Neil Patrick Harris advertising for Heineken Light or Betty Davis selling Lustre Cream Shampoo, celebrity endorsement has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past.

Listed below are some of the top benefits of celebrity endorsement that you should know :

  • Helps brand stand out in the market

Primarily, when you hire a celebrity or a well-known face for your brand, you are already attracting a new set of the target audience who are huge fans of the celebrity and would follow their trend blindly. This immensely helps the brand stand out in the market with their increase in brand recognition value and skyrocketing sales. Proper planning and management with efficient scheduling are all that takes for good marketing.

  • Good Brand Equity

Secondly, builds good brand equity and helps in the diversification of products and services. Have you heard of Air Jordan? Well, Air Jordan was an association between the Nike and Michael Jordan which resulted in a multi-billion dollar company called Air Jordan. Nike mainly focussed on tennis and track athletes for its brand but gradually found the needs for an efficient diversification and there was no better a person than Michael Jordan himself.

  • Make people believe the product as a part of the superstar.

Well, we can not do away with the reality that people would love watching George Clooney and Natalie Portman over any local celebrity face, right? One of the primary reasons of people using a particular product or service endorsed by their favorite celebrity is their belief of the product being a part of superstar’s everyday life.

  • Helps in good call back for Advertisements

One of the most important aspects that are well targeted with each and every advertiser is the advertisement call back quotient for their customers. Celebrity endorsement completely catered to the entire issue and helped in good call back for ads. Also, do keep in mind whether you are a celebrity looking for an agency to handle your public image for the next 10-15 years or an individual or organization looking for a celebrity for their next big event, only a renowned and certified celebrity agency is the right suit for you.

  • Helps personify your brand

Advertisers have benefited immensely with good celebrity endorsement & marketing. Let’s talk about Porsche endorsing Maria Sharapova as their brand face keeping in mind her power packed and elegant gameplay which is what describes Porsche as well. A perfect association, right? Well, Celebrity endorsement helps personify your brand with a repositioning of celebrity attributes into the brand.

What leaves us to wonder is, do celebrities really use these products/ services or not?

This is a pretty trick question, most of the celebrities would do anything to earn big bucks and fame, and therefore, it is always advised to use the product and analyze its effects on yourself and then make a decision.

These are some of the top benefits of celebrity endorsement leading to good a good brand reputation and a dignified corporate identity. Form diary scheduling, media management, and general day-to-day promotion you will be guaranteed discrete services with a renowned celebrity booking agency at your service. We are pretty sure this article talks about all the essential and added benefits of celebrity endorsement and marketing on brands and advertisers.

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