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Tech: Salesforce Taking the World by Storm

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If you are running a company with a large customer base, then you are already aware of the importance of Customer Relationship Management.

Without your customers, your company will have no value, and hence it is important to keep them pleased. Also, it is vital that you have secure records of all customer information and interactions too. The best way to go about this is to use a CRM application, like Salesforce.

It is a web-based CRM service, which serves as the industry standard. Salesforce is a cloud-based service and operates entirely online, thus making it accessible no matter where you are. It offers end-to-end management solutions such that you can get access to, control, and change any data, and allows you to perform all your operations with ease. Salesforce is an idea driven by pure ambition, and has done tremendously well in recent times- its stock values having hit a record high this May.

How Far They Have Come

Salesforce were one of the very first companies to go big on the implementation of cloud computing. They are pioneers in the field, and were among the first companies to pitch a service based entirely online. Sixteen years down the line, Salesforce stocks have skyrocketed to a present value of $74.79, having attained an intra-day high of $78 as well.

The prices are shooting each day, and only this April we observed a rise of 12% in just one day, after reports of the firm hiring advisers for a potential takeover were revealed. The takeover did not materialize, and the firm did not confirm the reports- but the profits are quite real!

An earnings report has revealed figures as high as $1.51 billion, a marked 23% increase from last year. This, and the fact that their deferred revenue grew by 31% shows that the company is going through the best times of its life.

Salesforce’s Chief Executive Mark Benioff says, “Our current outlook puts us on track to reach a $7 billion revenue run rate later this year.” Our statistics are quite close to that, with the forecasts putting up figures of around $6.52-6.55 billion.

This is a significant rise from the earlier predictions of around $6.47-6.50 billion. The Salesforce team understands that these highs may not last forever, but are optimistic about the future and have set a target of $10 billion annually in their sights.

Jump onto the Bandwagon!

The company is already a rage among most large businesses, but if your business is still missing out, you should seriously consider using Salesforce’s services ranging from Sales Cloud to the Salesforce data migrator. The entire software suite consists of tremendously useful integrated utilities which will make your job a lot more intuitive and easy. It is tremendously affordable, extremely easy to use, and highly adaptable to the nature of your job.

There is practically zero risk if you adopt Salesforce, thanks to its low costs and easy manageability. The Salesforce database is completely secure and lets you digitize your existing records and store them in a cohesive, contiguous database. The best thing is, it is all on the cloud, so you will not need someone from IT to keep updating all your systems from time to time.

The application is seamless and hilariously easy to use. Salesforce has integrated analytics which allows you to analyze and expand each campaign to its greatest potential. Besides the first purchase, Salesforce does not need you to purchase any more hardware or software to use its systems.

Hence, the maintenance costs are nil, and there are no hidden costs either.  By implementing Salesforce, you can maximize profits and increase efficiency manifold.

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