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Tech: Weather Apps Are Making Life Easier

A China based company provides a great platform which provides apps to check the weather and other things like latest movies, songs, other entertainment apps, etc. This is a platform that provides free downloads to all its users, basically android users. This provides files in apk formats, and is very compact; ultimately require very less space on the device. The various weather apps available on the 9apps are as follows:

§ The weather channel: The app was launched in august, 2019. The app helps to provide changes based on location, weather and time of the day. It helps to have hourly and 15 day forecasts in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also haves fast loading maps and radar which is based on current locations. It helps the user to be informed whole day with the help of great features offered by the app. It helps to count the pollens near the person.

§ News 9 weather: The app was released in May, 2019. The app includes the quality to add 5 locations at a time for weather updates. The app helps to have current locations, conditions hourly and daily forecasts. It also includes 3 level interactive radars. The app also involves push notifications which help to tell severe weather warnings and advises various measures.

§ Weather: The app provides hourly, daily and weekly updates of weather. This is considered to be good for all countries and even cities. It helps to update various types of weather information like humidity, winds, visibility, etc. The app also helps to detect locations via GPS. It helps to have various weather notifications and weather descriptions. The size of the app is very small and is available for free on 9apps.

§ Real time weather display: This is a full customized clock widget and weather application. This helps to have temperature and current time of the day. This also has simple weather information like various updates and alarms of the day. The app also has detailed weather updates like sunrise and sunset timings. The app also includes rainstorm warnings and notifications. The app also provides multiple language support. The app comes with local temperature tracker and is based on the various locations via GPS.

§ Earth: The application was released in July, 2019. The app helps to have a clear picture of the earth using satellites and moves as per the accordance with the user’s needs. The picture is created based on real time. Pacific area updating is made every hour. Other areas are updated every 3 hours. The app is just 2.9M. No mobile data is consumed while downloading this app.

The various weather and all other apps can be downloaded from 9apps.co.in and various categories have been formulated there from which one can choose the app one wishes to download. Various time to time updates are provided. 9apps download 2018 provides a huge platform for various apps which can be downloaded at absolutely no costs. So, what are you waiting for, take a weather check before planning to go anywhere.

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