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Figure 1Dress painted by artist Johnathon Michael Espinoza, Photo: Christopher Leslie, Model: Tereza Suessman
With winter now here, the time to find new and couture fashion brands is always one of excitement. Whether it is a head-turning long gown for a night rubbing elbows with high society, some new club-worthy attire to dance the night away, looking your glamorous, stylish and sexiest is a must this coming winter. And if you are looking for a stylish, elegant and classy piece of couture for your wardrobe with some edge, then fashion designer Tereza Suessman may have just what you’re looking for. The simply gorgeous and seemingly-ageless native of the Czech Republic city of Brno, Suessman has been applying her designer magic deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, specifically the emerging fashion hub—more known for oil, energy and being the home of NASA—in Houston, Texas. Suessman, who runs her three businesses, Tereza Seussman Design, Panty Shop and Terri’s Passion Boutique with her husband, William has been designing and creating custom clothing and lingerie for herself and others for 15 years. Her three shops which offer custom dresses, gowns, panties, bikinis, body suits, long skirts, short skirts, lingerie, tops, pants, dance wear, performance wear, costumes, rave wear, club wear and sexy wear have injected Space City with a touch of European fashion flair. Thanks to working with fashion models such as Jenna Bracewell, Sanya Ismail, Haley Lane and Kathrin Haus, the outgoing and charismatic Suessman has carved out her own unique couture niche in seeing some of her designs modeled in some of Houston’s high-end fashion shows and worn on at high-profile events such as the Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival and New York Fashion Week by longtime clients such as Houston-area TV personality and host of “Custom Trends” in Trixie Gynn, a recently-introduced collection of exclusive Wearable Art in collaboration with Johnathon Michael Espinoza and a swimwear line that was recently featured in “Beauties Calendar” created by Houston-area news station, 713 News.
Dark Blue Gown: Photo: Doug Berry – Model: Sanya Ismail
When asked as to who were her designer influences, she stated, “I have the ability to create design’s and bring my ideas into reality. I am not limited to my imagination. I work with others on a regular basis to bring their ideas to life.” Below are some additional questions with the very-talented and gorgeous Mrs. Seussman as we talk about winter fashion tips and trends to look for, must-have accessories, style icons and what men SHOULD get that special lady of theirs. Robert D. Cobb: What winter fashion trends do you see emerging this season? Tereza Suessman: “I’m not really so crazy for “trendy” I prefer quality, uniqueness, and things that are timeless. Other than that I think winter should consist of everything shiny, sparkly and fuzzy to keep yourself cheery and warm in the unpleasant weather.”    Robert D. Cobb: What is the one must-have accessory that women should get this winter? Tereza Suessman: “Shoes, shoes and more shoes. And that applies to any season. There is not such a thing as too many shoes.  Robert D. Cobb: What colors or palette will be on fleek this season? Tereza Suessman: All colors are great, why highlight just one?”  
Black/Leopard Gown: Photo: Bryan Anderson Model: Jenna Bracewell
Robert D. Cobb: For the men out there? What is THE one gift/accessory that they should get their special lady? Tereza Suessman: You can never go wrong with jewelry, a designer purse, or sexy lingerie.”   Robert D. Cobb: For the ladies, who is the one style icon that they should emulate? Tereza Suessman: None. We’re all unique individuals therefore everyone should create their own style.”   Robert D. Cobb: Lastly, what beauty tips would you recommend for winter? Tereza Suessman: We don’t really have winter here in Texas, so I don’t have any beauty tips specifically for cold weather. I guess my beauty tip for winter would be to avoid winter in a first place. “ Special thanks to Tereza Suessman for her time and cooperation during the Q and A. Images used with permission. Follow Tereza Suessman on Facebook here, on Twitter at @terezasuessman and on Instagram at @terezasuessmandesign    

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