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Texas Rangers: Clear MLB trade deadline winners

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The Texas Rangers have made their move. While some wanted pitching, the Rangers knew that no matter how good or terrible your pitching is, someone has to swing the bat. The Rangers are in the top half of most offensive categories, but with a chance to grab a few extra, the likes of Carlos Beltran and Jonathan Lucroy were just too much to pass on.

The Rangers are currently 62-44 are have a clear advantage as the best team in the American League but how can they be described now after moves no one saw coming? Beltran will move into a line that has 4 players with 10+ homeruns, 3 players with 50+ RBIs and another 5 players batting over .280. The Rangers are stacked and it was looking a little homely for them after the Prince Fielder news but if they looking to make a splash, the Rangers have done so in a big way.

Is Beltran enough to lead them to the World Series? Possibly, but the Rangers put the finishing touches on a deal at the last-minute that would add much sought after Catcher, Lucroy, with his bat and defense. There is still the issue of the Cleveland Indians and hoping their pitchers can keep the wolves at bay until Colby Lewis and Derek Holland can come off the DL but the Rangers just upgraded their two weakest positions with All Star caliber players.

Not only does these signings put pressure on the rest of the American League but helps take some off of the Rangers lineup. Players will no longer have to press the issue as they know they have power either before or behind them in the lineup. As an opposing pitcher, it has to be terrifying to see Adrian Beltre at the cleanup spot than Beltran right after. Then the pitcher looks for some type of relief after, but the lineup is still challenging with Rougned Odor, Mitch Moreland and Elvis Andrus, Lucroy at the bottom of the lineup.

I’m not here to take anything away from the players that have helped the Rangers to an incredible record but an upgrade to the lineup was needed, and after today they may have punched their ticket to represent the AL in the World Series.


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