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The 10 Must See Attractions When You Visit Vanuatu

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Vanuatu is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world. This is because it has a wide variety of attractions, giving every tourist an attraction to fit their preferences. Also, Vanuatu has a very vibrant tourism industry with a lot of investment in tourism infrastructure such as hotels, transportation, and financial services. There are several places tourists can visit while in Vanuatu and have a good time.

Mount Yasur

Mount Yasur is the perfect destination for tourists interested in studying volcanoes and other related features. Of course, it is also the place to visit for hiking, rock climbing, and even camping. Besides these activities, Mount Yasur also has attractive landscape scenery to look at.

Wet n Wild Adventure Park

An adventure park is good for young children to visit while touring Vanuatu. The Wet n Wild Adventure Park has multiple fun activities, from water slides to theme areas. Visitors can take their children there while enjoying the food and snacks sold in the park. The park also has gaming areas with Virtual Reality facilities. This is bound to prove thrilling to every kid who will be visiting Vanuatu. Wet n Wild is located on Devils Point Road across from Island Magic Resort.

Champagne Beach

Champagne Beach is perfect for enjoying tropical drinks while getting a tan in the sun. Visitors can also look at the many tourist shops and buy food, clothes, and anything needed for the beach. The beach is safe to swim in, with safety gear being provided for those who go out into the ocean. At night, and especially during tourist peak periods, beach parties are held for guests to entertain themselves. If you are a beach lover visiting Vanuatu, this is the perfect pace to be.

Mystery Island

Appropriate for both adults and children, Mystery Island in Vanuatu is filled with adventures for tourists. During the day, one can visit the various locations and learn about their history. Every area has a unique and interesting story, as well as sights to look at. At night, guests can dine outdoors and enjoy cultural music and the friendly Vanuatu people.

Blue Lagoon

At the Blue Lagoon, visitors can take part in fun water activities. For example, guests can go deep diving and snorkelling. Those who choose to stay out of the water can still view different fish species. This is usually done while in a boat, through transparent glass. The water is also good for swimming and water sports like volleyball, meaning that the Blue Lagoon has activities fit for the whole family.

Freshwater Plantation

For visitors interested in tropical food products, the Freshwater Plantation is a good place to go to. Guests get to see wildlife and look at natural sceneries while having tropical fruit. They can also purchase the products from the plantation and have them prepared where they are staying, or even back at home.

Vanuatu Cultural Centre

The Vanuatu Cultural Centre is a place where visitors can become better acquainted with Vanuatu traditions. Here, they can interact with residents, learn about Vanuatu’s historical development, purchase indigenous artefacts, and even experience cultural performances. Meeting and speaking to the people of Vanuatu while they showcase their culture gives tourists a better sense of what the country is like.

Pele Islands

Islands are good places to visit because tourists can pick from a number of activities to take part in. On the Pele Islands, visitors get to look at exotic fish, eat food fresh from the sea, and shop for unique articles, most of which are handmade by the residents. By doing this, they promote the culture and also get to take some memorabilia back home with them.

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is one of the most attractive sites in Vanuatu. The caverns are large, able to accommodate many visitors at a time. In some sections, the caves are filled with water, and the surface is beautiful to look at when light in the cave reflects off it. Visitors can get in the caves using boats and explore inside, or even choose to get into the water and wade.

Port Villa Markets

To finish a visit to Vanuatu in style, tourists tend to flock the Port Villa markets and shop for souvenirs. The market also has clothes shops, a good source of casual beach wear and other items for warm weather.

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