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Five Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

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The news of finally becoming a mother is probably the greatest joy of a woman. Knowing that you are carrying a life in your womb is a huge blessing. Pregnancy is delicate especially in the early periods of it.

If you are not cautious with your activities, you might jeopardize the life of your unborn baby.

Failed pregnancy resulting from miscarriage, or loss of the fetus or embryo before it’s developed, is painful. It’s the result of tabohe developmental problem of the fetus or abnormality of the chromosome.

No matter how much women want to conceive their own baby, some pregnancies pose risk to their health that’s why they opt for abortion. But apart from these factors, age, drinking, and smoking habit contribute to the risk of pregnancy loss. During pregnancy, it’s important for women to have a healthy diet. Below are some of the foods and beverages pregnant women must avoid or minimize.

1. Raw, processed, and undercooked meat

Being infected with bacteria and parasites while pregnant is dangerous for your unborn baby. Salmonella, Toxoplasma, and E. coli are present in raw and undercooked meat. If infected, the baby might acquire neurological illnesses including epilepsy and mental retardation. Minced meat, pork, poultry, burgers, and meat patties shouldn’t be consumed undercooked or raw. Unless reheated properly, processed meat products shouldn’t be consumed as well as they are contaminated with bacteria during storage or processing.

2. Caffeine

Commonly used as a psychoactive substance, caffeine is present in coffee, soft drinks, tea, and coca. Pregnant women are not totally banned from consuming caffeine, but it’s advised that they should limit the daily dose to less than 200 mg, or about 2-3 cups of coffee. This is because caffeine is absorbed rapidly and goes into the placenta and fetus. Unborn babies can’t metabolize caffeine, and high levels of it restrict fetal growth.

3. Unwashed fruits and vegetables

Several parasites and bacteria contaminate the outer layer of unpeeled or unwashed fruits and vegetables. Toxoplasma is a dangerous parasite that may be on fruits and vegetables. This parasite can be acquired through handling or came directly from the soil. It is anytime during production, harvest, storage, processing, retail or transportation that contamination occurs. While some suffer from flu for a month or more, the majority of people who get infected with Toxoplasma shows no symptoms. Infants infected in the womb do not show symptoms at birth. However, symptoms like intellectual disabilities and blindness develop may develop later.

4. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol while pregnant increases the risk of pregnancy loss and stillbirth. For this reason, pregnant women must completely avoid it. The baby’s brain development can negatively be impacted even if you only consume a small amount. Apart from this, it also causes heart defects, mental retardation, and facial deformities, resulting from fetal alcohol syndrome.

5. Junk foods

As a result of rapid growth, pregnant women need large amounts of nutrients such as protein and iron. During the second and third trimesters, 350 – 500 extra calories a day should be enough. To fulfill the needs of the child and the mother, there’s a need for plenty of nutrients. Junk foods are high in sugar, calories and added fats. Added sugar has been linked to an increased risk of acquiring heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It increases the risk of your child to become overweight.

Taking care of your health especially when you are pregnant is important in order for your unborn child to properly develop. Avoiding unhealthy foods and beverages like the ones mentioned above can save you and your baby.

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