Although Milford Sound often has the title of 8th Wonder of the World bestowed upon it, it is not the only special treat in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park.

There are numerous attractive and sublime natural wonders to experience when visiting the country.

It’s fair to say that you’d have to go to somewhere truly special to beat the vistas on offer when cruising around the Sounds of the South Island.

Sounds of South Island Cruises

South Island, one of the jewels of New Zealand amazing for explorers and travellers. One of the biggest draws to this particular area is the Fiordland National Park.

Although the best Milford Sound is the most popular destination in this area, there is plenty on offer when you take a cruise of the park, there’s Doubtful Sound too, for example.

Sounds of South Island Cruises

Doubtful Sound

This is a part of the country that is not spoken of or cherished quite as much as Milford Sound. However, that doesn’t mean it is any less amazing to see and experience in person

Not only is it considerably bigger than Milford, it is a lot harder to access, so you are left to just enjoy the views.

Cruises travel across Lake Manapouri, giving you views of Wilmot Pass and its verdant canopies and lovely rainforest, which leads you to the Fiord.

Along the journey, you will see snow-capped peaks and tumbling, trickling waterfalls. This is also an awesome chance to spot rare fauna and flora in the region.

Look out for dolphins, penguins and fur seals as you travel these open waters.

Kayaks are the perfect way to take in the calmness and stillness of the sound and the natural beauty you are surrounded by as you travel along.

You have the option of an overnight cruise or a day tour.

Milford Sound

It’s not really surprising, when you visit this attraction in person, that Milford Sound is the one place more than others people want to visit on a holiday to New Zealand.

It has a very eerie and somewhat unworldly quality to it. As you approach this sound, you will see the craggy mountain peaks and rock faces, standing over the rippling, tranquil waters.

You will hear the water as it trickles down the rocks as you get closer to this part of the country that adorns most South Island guidebook covers.

On the rainiest of days, you will be able to see the busy natural falls of water before you even see Milford Sound and Mitre Peak.

You need to take a boat trip when visiting this place. It is the best way to drink in the beauty and salce of the national park.

You have the option to take on each sound individually and enjoy a guided tour that can give you some insider information, or you could opt for a cruise that will traverse the whole waterway.

Another option, of course, is overnight cruises as this gives you a chance to experience and explore Tasman Sea and Milford Sound after nightfall.

If you’d rather take on the trip alone, you can take a kayak.

Final Tips for your trip

One of the most crucial things you need to take on planning trips to the national park. In order to see the best the sounds have to offer, you need to try and plan your trip on a good day.

However, it is not possible, of course, to control the weather. The great thing is that the sounds will be spellbindingly beautiful even on a grey day.

There are various tours and trips you can choose, as well as an overnight cruise too.

It is a great idea to use the daylight to explore the wonders of the park, taking a trip out to the wider surrounding area when the crowds have lessened somewhat.

By doing the trip this way, you will increase the likelihood of seeing dolphins, seals and rare birds.

The national park is a truly natural and amazing place with wondrous sights to behold and a generous array of options for experiencing it in various ways. It’s not to be missed if you’re a traveler.

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