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The 3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has brought in the new form of business meetings, boardroom conferences or courtroom conferences. It has all become so easy and inexpensive, all the hassles and operations that a company had to go through for organizing one conference were a lot.

Now that it is all easy and available at your fingertips, it is about time that you use it to your advantage.

Are you ready to start with your first video conference? Are you a bit nervous? Well, you don’t need to be. Let’s get on to the basics first, have you chosen the perfect video conferencing solution yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t, the Boardroom & Courtroom Video Conferencing Solutions with Roundee is one of the best available.

Now, all you need to do is to keep 3 things in your mind while going for this conference.

Preparation and Agenda

Being prepared is the key to any conference, clearing out the agenda to the participants so as to help everyone understand the motive of the conference should be the first step. It also helps the participants to come prepared for a discussion, or a brainstorming session and the best part is people are aware of what is happening.

Also, make a list of key points so as to keep it precise and small and not make it undesirably long. You can also check the 5 tips to ace your next video conference at HuffPost and not sound like a Vidiot.

Participants and Participation

It is important to make a list of all the participants and let them know prior to the meeting/conference. It is also important to check in on them about their availability and work accordingly. There can be an important deadline that one might have to attend and they might miss this conference at the last minute.

It might be helpful for the absent participants if you record the video conference in their absence because it would help them not miss anything important in the project further.

Process and Outcome

The objective should be clear and the process should be goal oriented. The idea should be to keep things short, crisp and effective at the same time. The participants and their work process should be taken into consideration and the whole conference should involve interactions throughout.

The idea is to keep it all interactive so at to keep everyone focused and attentive while being very careful to not let the conference go monotonously. The area around should be kept considering the fact that it should be clean, nicely arranged and maybe colorful or blissful, but it should also be made sure that the area isn’t overly attractive and ends up getting people distracted from the conference.

If you are heading this video conference then take an initiative on the behalf of the whole team and come forward after greeting everybody to either switch off your own mobile phone or putting it on the silent mode. Ask everybody to follow the same, it not only helps you not get your team distracted anywhere else, but it also brings in everybody else a sense of confidence and they understand that their contribution is going to be valuable.

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