The Architectural Design of Elevator Shoes

Have you noticed the new trend in footwear? Perhaps you are even a part of the change process; it’s called ‘Elevator Shoes’. This trend is a combination of high heel and high-top. It is not merely about stiletto tennis shoes or the elevation of the regular rubber shoes; instead, it is something entirely new and different. 

The recent adoption of this new trend can be traced back to the 2012 spring runway show, during which Isabel Marant had her models walk down the runway wearing suede and leather shoes. Her models all towered above the rest, and while people admired her ability to assemble such tall men, little did they know that it was nothing but heels albeit invincible ones.

She launched the shoes into the market at a high price, but before long, others began to produce similar yet affordable shoes, and today they are all over the place. Despite this, elevator shoes for men haven’t really soared so high in the market, but then it’s a sign that men too are becoming more fashionable and more interested in how tall they appear. This is remarkable in that it’s certainly not the first-time shoes with hidden heels have been created, but for the first time, these designs are being embraced by the haute couture.

As seen throughout the history of fashion, height elevating shoes as they are often called are crafted with the specific intention to meet the needs of vertically-challenged men in an indiscernible manner. These men who before now were not so tall and so could not command respect (as cultural assumption goes) can now exert more authority; they are more respectable and now look more attractive.

elevator shoes for men

Height elevating shoes, which are also known as elevator shoes, are being pushed, marketed and presented as a cure to some variation in male inadequacies, just like Viagra or Rogaine. Several of the shoes bear the tag “status shoes.” The leading brand also uses words such as “impose yourself”, it’s also called the “Rolls Royce of height elevating shoes,” while some others refer to it as “secret shoes.” All these drives home the importance and place of elevator shoes in a man’s life.

Before now, (perhaps because many of these companies worked so hard to hide the magic secret of their elevating shoes), many paid detailed attentions to the production process than the aesthetically-oriented labels that are currently in vogue. There have been cases when a luxury elevator shoes bought for as much as $600 has visible lump at the point where the hard wedge of the shoes ends, and the soft heel begins. 

luxury elevator shoes

However, there has been lots of improvement since then. The modern elevator shoes can make anyone wearing it appear about four-inch (or more) taller. The production of elevator shoes involves both engineering and art, as footwears are one of the most architectural works in the world of fashion.

Hence, elevator shoes are not only the most fashionable footwear available for men who are height deficient; they are also functional and helps you command the respect and authority you crave as an alpha male. 

In the current times, men are seeking maximum comfort in their footwear. As such, the industry is continually finding new ways to make shoes more comfortable in order to turn them into an all-day wear shoe instead of a photo-session only shoe.

Height increasing shoes have now embraced the chunky heel version but in such a way that the aesthetic appeal of the shoe is still maintained. Companies like GuidoMaggi are now using ergonomics to create comfortable elevator shoes for women and men that will contribute to their wellbeing positively.

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