The Benefits of Wearing a Back Plate When Playing Football

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The popularity of football cannot be denied, which is why so many people are simply nuts about the game. If you are into playing football, you will have to use protective football gear such as a 
back plate so that the game is safer to play and you won’t get hurt during a scrimmage. 
Let’s see the different ways that wearing a back plate will be useful during a football game: 
1. Keeps Impact on the Lower Spine Less Injurious  
The main reason you will have to wear a back plate during a football game is to keep your spine safe. There are many horror stories of football players getting seriously injured by a tackle from 
the opposing team. Your usual back plate is connected to the shoulder pads so that your back (particularly the lower spine) doesn’t absorb all the force from a tackle. 
A good back plate has comfortable padding and a hard shell case of EVA to provide maximum protection. If your back plate is made of good materials, it can protect you for at least one 
season. For less risk when buying a back plate, see back plate recommendations online or check on the product packaging to see how you should use it properly. 
2. Can be Added to Your Current Protective Gear  
Not everyone involved in a football game wears a back plate. Yes, it’s true. You will notice that if you go online and search for “football back plate,” only a handful of websites will be found.  
The rules of football are evolving, but one thing sports authorities need to change faster is to mandate that back plates be part of the standard operating procedure for protective football gear. 
Some players may wear just rib pads, but it is definitely advisable to add football back plates as well, just to be on the safe side. A broken rib can mend without any serious debilitating harm 
done, but a broken spine is something that can really harm a player to the point of being paralyzed for life. 
Additionally, some back plates are made in a way that will keep your kidneys and possibly other internal organs safe during a game. Sure, the tackle missed your spine but knocked your kidney 
out of position, so that’s still a serious injury that may send you to the ER fast. You will have to check if the back plate cradles your obliques so that the kidneys don’t absorb all the impact. 
If nobody on your team wears a back plate yet, you can pave the way by being the first to have one. 
3. Allows You to Move Fast Without Compromising Safety  
Some might think that the thicker the back plate is, the better it is for use during a game. But since a football game involves a fast pace of movement on the field, you need a back plate that 
doesn’t leave you a sitting duck for the opposing team to tackle. So you may need to check if you can run and dodge other players with ease without putting yourself at risk of an injury. 
4. You Can Customize Your Back Plate to Show Team Colors  
Wearing a football back plate is not all about protection, and it is no longer a solely functional piece of equipment. If you belong to a recognized team, one way to show solidarity is to wear a 
customized back plate sporting your team colors and even your team’s logo. This may cost more but if the entire team is up for it, then everyone on the team can pay for a customized back plate 
of their own. 
Some players can have their back plates customized in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. You have more choices nowadays when it comes to shopping for a back plate so you can take 
your pick. That way, you feel great and look great anywhere on the field while showing your team spirit. 
Of course, you have to pick a back plate that is made from washable materials as you need to sanitize the equipment after each and every game. This might sound surprising, but it’s a 
necessary step in making sure that there are no bacterial colonies or fungal populations thriving on and in the materials used. This means the person wearing it will still be comfortable using the 
football back plates after one season.  
Final Thoughts 
Playing during a football game need not result in injuries if you wear a football back plate. Protect your lower back, spine, and internal organs like your kidneys with a back plate. That way, you won’t wind up with a debilitating injury that will leave you sidelined for the rest of the season and possibly for life.