Recently I came across a post on Facebook regarding a cover of Nothing Else Matters by Miley Cyrus featuring WATT, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo, and Chad Smith.

It’s a really good cover, yet is it up there with the best? My only issue is that Cyrus’ voice doesn’t really fit the song in certain parts. I honestly think she did a better job covering Don’t Dream It’s Over with Ariana Grande.

So if it’s not among the best what covers are? I will start with the piano versions. These include GamazdaYuval Salomon, and William Joseph.


Interestingly enough I came across a violin and guitar cover that was amazing today. It’s by Golden Salt. There’s a violin and piano cover that is as good by Just Play.



Brooklyn Duo has a tremendous piano and cello cover. Surprisingly enough I almost forgot about Apocalyptica as their first album released were covers of Metallica songs.



Now for the covers with vocals. Smith & Myers, First to Eleven, Lucie Silvas, Marlisa, Aaron Lewis, and Godsmack.

Also check out the Choir! Choir! Choir! That brought a couple hundred people together. There’s also a cover by Chris Stapleon that many will enjoy as well. Lastly here’s the Cyrus version.

Now the most difficult part in all of this is determining which one is the best cover. If I were to choose the top three  it’s Godsmack, Aaron Lewis, and William Joseph.

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