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The Best e-wallet Software & Banking Software Prices

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What were the most embarrassing moments of your financial life? Absolutely, the problem is transacting the money safely with proper security.

As in 2020, the online transaction is increasing and as well as online threat like hacking. Stealing passwords etc are also increasing. These incidents may pose a substantial impact on your business as well as your balance.

To minimize the threats and to make the incoming/outgoing payments easier and to manage your financial business like a pro, you need to have good software that can meet all of your requirements. But building such a safe and affordable transaction software is not an easy task. Today, I am going to introduce you to the best e-wallet software platform that can do the work for you within your budget and time frame.

Secure Paymentz: What they do?

Secure Paymentz is a platform that builds custom made transaction software. They are experts in maintaining the financial services as well as building your own transaction platform. Whatever your language, currency, or requirements is, secure paymentz can make the software work for you seamlessly.

What do They Offer?

  • Any Language, any currency

Secure Paymentz builds the software for any language and for any currency. Most of the e-wallet software agency or company works on some certain platform. For example, some agencies may be working with bitcoin/cryptocurrency whereas others may work on assets like Gold, Silver etc. But the specialty of Secure Paymentz is they work either it is crypto or it is Gold/Siver etc. They integrate your business transaction with the world’s best online transaction platforms like PayPal, Skrill, etc. As a result, your business gets a new dimension and operates without any boundary.

  • Easy, Grabbing User Interface

The interface provided by the Secure Paymentz could vary depending on user type. For example, for a general user, the interface is different from other users. The admin users have the ultimate power to control the business, as a result, he can set what others can do and can not do. You can set your own law, rules, referral system or mobile banking, etc. This is complete control over your business and transaction.

  • 2-3 days Installation

Building and installing banking software may require months to operate fully. But this is the place where Secure Paymentz banking system is far ahead from others. They can install the service within 2 to 3 days so that you can start immediately without waiting for long. The software is already proven as #1 in the Banking Software category. So you need not worry about security and other things!!

  • Other Cutting Edge Services
  1. This banking software works on any device either it is a computer browser, iOS, Android or others.
  2. You can set the exchange rates keeping your margin in place.
  3. You can check the transactions in many ways.
  4. Support systems are fabulous allowing you to create tickets for the arising problems.
  5. There is 5 pre-installed payment method. You can add your own payment method, if necessary. For transacting bitcoins you will get real bitcoin wallets.
  6. There are tutorials on how to use the system and how it can help you to maintain your transactions.

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