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The Changing Perceptions and Trends Regarding Tobacco Use by Women

Smoking and the usage of tobacco in various forms, no matter how concentrated or diluted they are, has always been associated with the male gender. Female smoking has still been repressed as if the society is not ready to accept it as quickly and naturally as it does with the male smoking trends. Moreover, the health-related reports also seem to be more concerned with how tobacco usage impacts male health while not putting enough emphasis on women’s health.

It is primarily because of the ancient cultural influences that the use of tobacco by the feminine gender has been left un-debated as if it is some sort of a taboo. Our older practices and stereotypical image fixated regarding women somehow stay with us till date no matter how educated and modernized is the society we live in.

Nonetheless, now, the ideas regarding women tobacco usage are gradually changing as the number of female tobacco users is increased enough that it currently contributes 20% to the total tobacco users in the world. Now, many developed countries don’t see it as much of a taboo as they did before. The young girls and older women in such regions smoke openly without any fear of being judged as such. The custom of consuming tobacco by women in the under-developed and third-world states is not as widely accepted, but the women there continue to smoke nevertheless.

A new study currently noticed that the women in developed societies, where there is no restriction on them to smoke as such, are gradually giving up on this habit. On the other hand, the women of underdeveloped regions are increasingly being attracted towards tobacco intake. These women tend to use tobacco in various unimaginable forms like chewing it raw, using filtered cigars, paans, pipes, and others amongst cigarettes.

Marketing of Tobacco to Women

Tobacco companies are now targeting women and young girls as their potential buyers worldwide. Ladies are forced into believing that the tobacco intake can help them in marinating a smart figure and they can gain some extra Kgs if they give up on the usage. Tobacco advertisements in the developing and under developing states are done in such ways that the women over there start to associated fashion and glam to the cigarette smoking and romanticize its usage.

Moreover, researches state that the addition of tobacco is rapid and stronger in women as compared to men who find it really easy to give up on smoking in comparison. The lack of social support is the most apparent cause of the slower progress in women’s attempts of giving up on smoking, which is very much there in the case of men smokers.

A Summary of Current Trends In Women Smoking

There is a substantial difference in the rates of smoking in women depending upon the racial and ethnic groups to which they belong. African and Asian women are more likely to smoke as compared to American and European ones. Lesbian and bisexual women are found to be more inclined towards tobacco use in various forms, especially the pipes, as compared to heterosexual women.

Postmenopausal women have been observed finding it very difficult to stop using tobacco in comparison to young girls and women in their 30s and 40s. Some societies now believe in women smokers being more socially desirable, independent, and more glamorous with a regulated body weight which provokes girls in such communities to develop tobacco addiction overall.

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