Bathing your baby is never easy. It can, however, be fun for your pride and joy! What this article will detail are certain products that can go that extra mile to help keep your little one safe from the few dangers that do exist in a bathroom.

Baby bath safety products can help you take a little bit of the stress associated with bathing your child away by baby proofing things like plug holes, taps, the slippery bathtub surface and more. Below are some products you may want to consider for your baby proof bathroom.

Choosing a Safe and Comfortable Baby Bath Seat

The first product to consider is the baby bath seat. These seats come in a vast variety of brands, shapes, and sizes. This proposes the question; which one will fit your needs? Which one should you go for? When selecting a baby bath seat, there are a number of factors you may want to consider your purchase. The main purpose of a bath seat for your baby is to support your baby in a bathtub at the stage of development when your baby is learning to sit upright. They usually come with suction cups to stop them moving and have plastic build for flexibility.

Should You Use a Bath Seat for Your Baby?

A bath seat is a good way to help you free up your hands when washing your baby. They come in a variety of different shapes, forms and brands to choose from. You should look for the seats that secure your baby in place but also allow him or her a little movement so that they can play while you bathe them. It is important to note that babies cannot be left unattended in these seats. While they may seem stable, the freedom of movement they allow your child means you should never leave them in the seat without being there.

Bathtub Safety For Toddlers

First and foremost, it is very important to never leave your baby or toddler unsupervised in the bath. No matter if it is for a few seconds, with the support of a baby bathtub, leaving a child unattended is dangerous. In terms of bath temperature, ensure to set any thermostat or temperature gauge that you have to not exceed 50 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ideal temperature for a baby’s bath is around 36 to 38 degrees Celsius and this can be achieved by filling the bath with cold water, to begin with, then slowly adding water while checking the thermostat. You can also check the water by exposing sensitive areas of your skin to it; like the wrist.

Bathtub Bumpers

Just like any other item of furniture, bumping into it can cause pain and discomfort. The bathtub bumpers are designed to prevent your baby from bumping into the sides of the bathtub while you are bathing them.

These bumpers stick to the sides of the bathtub to ensure that your baby has a safe, bump-free experience when being bathed. They provide your baby with a cushioned environment that can protect them from potential harm at the hands of bumping their heads, elbows, knees or hands against the sides of the tub.

Bathtub Faucet Safety Covers

Some of the most common injuries for adults and children alike lie with bumping into faucets that exist in your bathroom environment. There exists a very wide range of faucet covers online and in your local shopping malls to prevent people that use your bath from hurting themselves on the faucets. This is especially true for your young children.

Buying and using a faucet cover for things like taps and shower heads will dampen the blow if they ever happened to fall into the faucet. Most faucet covers are made from a soft, waterproof rubber that will minimize any pain a child would get from slipping or leaning into a faucet.

Child Proof Bathtub Handles

Another thing that not everyone considers is the handles on bathtubs. Childproofing handles and the addition of more handles to a bathtub environment can

Help you wash your little bundle of happiness.

There exist a range of suction cup handles and detachable handles online and in stores for helping you wash your baby; these handles can be attached or removed from the tiles of your bathroom wall or the bathtub itself to give you that little bit of extra support where you need it. There also exists covers for the pre-built handles on your bathtubs, much like faucet covers.

Child Safety Tap Locks

Tap locks are yet another device you can use if your baby or child keeps on fiddling with the tap handles. A tap lock can help prevent your child from turning on the hot tap and potentially burning themselves on the hot water that will come out.

Equally, it will stop your child from running cold water into the bath, potentially giving them chills or a cold. Making sure your bath is an appropriate temperature for your child is important. Tap locks will prevent water from running into the bath. It is like a small tap reservoir.

Faucet Handle Lock

Very similar to the tap locks, the faucet lock is another kind of lock for your tap. This lock will prevent your child from actually turning the tap on.

While some tap locks act as a reservoir under the tap funnel, this kind of lock stops the child from turning the handle to turn the tap on. The two locks have similar functions. The only difference being how the lock works.

Sink Lock Securing the sink is also another important factor to consider when toddler or baby proofing your bathroom environment. If your sink has a cupboard below it, ensuring this is secured can stop your child from getting into whatever you decide to store there.

Ideally, any harmful substances should be stored where a child cannot reach. However, handle locks exist for sinks. Also, similar to the bathtub locks, a sink can have a tap lock or a faucet handle lock.


To conclude, there are various methods through which you can make your bathroom a safer environment for your child. Creating a safe bathing environment for your child is important due to the potential threats to your child’s safety that exist within a bathroom environment.

From potential slips, the potential to burn themselves or even if it is the slight chance of a bump against the bathtub; making your bathroom safe is a simple case of adding a few additional items.

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