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The Flash: Kiersey Clemons is the film’s Iris West

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According to Variety, it appears the Warner Brothers’ 2018 blockbuster film “The Flash” is set to add to its cast. And that addition will come in the form of 22-year-old actress Kiersey Clemons. Clemons would be playing the role of journalist Iris West, who is a very close friend to the title character, and at times a love interest.

Clemons has been seen as the top contender for the role ever since director Rick Famuyiwa took the directors’ seat for the film. The two worked with one another in Clemons’ biggest role, which was in 2015’s “Dope”. Moviegoers who may not have seen that film but are fans of raunchy R-rated comedies may recognize her as Beth from “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.”

Iris West is a rather iconic character for fans of the Flash. And for those who do not read the comics may still recognize her if they watch the CW’s take on the Flash, with Candice Patton playing the role of Iris. Fans of the show know the relationship between Iris and Barry Allen (the Flash’s alter ego), can be a complicated one.

So we can expect a lot of interaction between Clemons and the films’ star actor, Ezra Miller. We got our first true taste of Miller’s take on Barry Allen this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. And based on that footage, the character is set to be a total blast, as he will bring laughs from his awkward demeanor.

Iris is usually a more serious character to counter balance the awkward Barry. So it will be interesting to see where Clemons takes the character, as she can portray the geeky and offbeat character very well, as seen in Neighbors 2. Will they want her to go down a more serious approach, or will our two main characters have a similar awkward demeanor?

Only time will tell. But one thing we can now bank on is the fact that Clemons appears to be officially joining Miller and Famuyiwa on the project. With such an early casting it could also be possible, we see her in 2017’s “Justice League,” which is already filming.

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