A large part of the cultural heritage is composed of texts and scientific works of the past, which, can play a considerable role in scientific education and progress and growth of material and spiritual culture for the community by transferring the scientific reserves of the predecessors to future generations.

In this regard, the activities of educated people and scientists who have contributed to the growth and flourishing of human science by collecting and recording their knowledge from the past to the present are essential.

One of the people who has had a great impact on this issue with his scientific and cultural activities is the talented Iranian inventor and engineer, Dr. Mohammad Zeinali.

This intelligent and persistent young man started his efforts and research in scientific fields from his adolescence, and despite many difficulties in this way, he has been able to register more than 15 inventions in various fields of telecommunications, electronics and medical engineering so far.

He has succeeded to Receive 3 World Gold Medals from the Geneva-Switzerland Invention Competition, Gold Statue and Diamond Medal from the IUI International Institute for Patents and Innovation, Plate and Statue from the Foundation of Immortal Figures, International Certificate from the 2014 Nobel Academy, Gold Medal from the Invention Competition of the country in 2014, a statue and plaque of thanks from the National Elite Foundation and many others.

His brilliant activities are not limited to notable inventions and discoveries, but he also has many notable works in the field of writing and compiling scientific and lettered materials, including books such as the introduction of radio astronomy, nonlinear and adaptive control systems, optimal discrete time control for nonlinear systems, familiarity with the principles and concepts of electronics and advanced control engineering that have been published in the field of science.

On the other hand, since he has experienced teaching in educational centers, he has authored books in these fields either, such as the lesson of creativity and ideation.

This book has received a lot of feedback and attention and has been praised by various educational centers such as Eyvanakey University.

His book “Fostering Children’s Creativity in the science fair of Jabber Ibn Hayyan” and his article “Recognizing Abu Rihan al-Biruni in the New Age” won a plaque and a statue along with the fourth scientific-promotional award of Hazrat Abdul Azim as a top researcher in the cognition of Abu Rihan biruni as the scientist of astronomy and mathematics.

This sophisticated and hard-working young man has also appeared on several national television programs as an expert, entrepreneur, and inventor. He is currently researching and expanding his knowledge in various fields for the advancement of the mankind.

According to him, in the opinion of the majority of people, a successful person is someone who has achieved his dreams and is satisfied with the feeling that this is the result of constant effort in life; Of course, it should be noted that no one is really successful unless he is happy and happy person is someone who does something useful and valuable.

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