For as long as can be remembered, the glass pipe has remained a staple in any smokers’ arsenal of smoking accessories, and is a smoking device that that has been revolutionized over the decades. Although the glass pipe has, over the years, seen its fair share of getting a bad rap from the law, the relaxation on the laws regarding the sale of glass pipes and other smoking paraphernalia have since relaxed, and the glass pipe is now able to enjoy the freedom of being sold on the internet, with most offering free shipping throughout the United States.

Modern Day Glass Pipes

Today’s glass pipes has moved forward in leaps and bounds from the world famous and pioneering designs of Jerome Baker in the early ‘90’s and 2000’s. Choices today, particularly for those just getting started, can be a little overwhelming, getting to grips with terminology for the glass pipe, such as: spoon pipe, glass hand pipe, steamroller, bowl, carburetor, and the Sherlock. Made from tough Pyrex glass, and all performing the same function, glass pipes are a blast and a great way to get enjoy your down time.

The carburetor was an addition to the glass pipe that came at a much later stage of its design, allowing the user to mix air into the chamber, thus allowing for the user to experience a larger “hit” on the glass pipe. The carburetor is a welcome addition to the glass pipe, adding a little venom to each “hit”, certainly appreciated by all smoker alike.

Types of Glass Pipes

The main difference when it comes to glass pipes are the style in which they are made. With the multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes of glass pipes available today things can get a bit over the top, luckily for us, Mile High Glass Pipes has all the information, designs, colors, and shapes that you could ask for. Making it a little easier to get to grips with this glass revolution.

Standard Glass Spoon Pipe – simply put this pipe looks like a spoon, hence the name

Sherlock Style Pipe – has a J-shaped body representing that used by good old Sherlock Holmes. The bowl coming up toward you thanks to the J-shaped body

Steamrollers – are simply long, straight glass tubes with a bowl on the end

The main difference between your glass hand pipe and your steamroller, is the placement of the carburetor. The carburetor at the end of the steamroller allows for a direct injection of air into the chamber, creating a faster, and harder, hit when smoking. Essentially giving you the most out of your section.

As legalization at State level throughout the United States, and the rest of world, continues rise, the future of the glass pipe sees no glass ceilings for itself. Their ever-increasing popularity and new shapes, design, and colors have created a niche market for the glass art pieces, and is something that every smoker should carry with pride.

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