Our society has evolved to the point that almost everything we do is managed by smart technologies and things that help us work efficiently in a calm and stress-free manner. Software innovations within the past few years have gotten to a point where computers support productivity in doing basic tasks to the most complicated equations that an accountant can think of.

In this day and age, you can’t find corporate or even industrial companies that don’t support computers in their system of operations. You can even find computers helping businesses in third-world countries. That’s how much technology has evolved to make our lives easier and let us spend time with our loved ones. GoGoPDF was created for that sole purpose, and here’s our review of it.


A few years ago, the world’s growing economy saw the need for many employees working behind computers handling a company’s paperwork. However, there wasn’t any effective means to make work easier and stress-free. This means that software engineers and programmers from every company need to invent tools to help employees work faster, better, and more efficiently.

GoGoPDF was established as an online PDF conversion tool in the year 2020, and with its creation, there was already a market for software of the same type. The features that are packed within this handy online PDF tool are surprisingly extensive. Basic features such as PDF to Word are standard, along with unique functions such as to add watermark to PDF free of charge.

There wouldn’t be a solid user base for the platform if it didn’t perform well with productivity tasks. Some of the articles you read on the internet might even be products of GoGoPDF itself, and people would be surprised to know that they can have this kind of functionality all within their browser on their laptop or mobile devices.

User Experience And Navigation

Let us start with how one might go about navigating through the website, user experience, and overall functionality of the tool. GoGoPDF greets visitors with an abundance of easy-to-read instructions as well as quick and snappy response times for navigating through the tool tabs. If you want even more functionality, the website even has basic instructions for getting started.

Compression and conversion are some of the most used functions on the platform, and that is with good reason as GoGoPDF does an incredible job at making sure the process takes no more than a few minutes per file. If ever you’re still confused about how you’re going to use their tool, instructions can be seen on every landing page to help new users finish their tasks quickly and be on their way.

The features tab has an extensive list of tools that users can use for their basic PDF conversion tasks to complicated procedures such as repairing PDFs and signing documents with seals. It would not be easy to find a tool with all the features the average consumer would need in a single place.


The tool tab features Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, Powerpoint to PDF, and a host of other functionalities that users can check out on their website. If you want to do a bit of photo conversion, that’s something that you can do with their integrated conversion tool as well. Converting back from PDF is also possible, and the quality of the original file will stay the same no matter how many times you do it.

Merging and splitting PDFs apart can also be done via GoGoPDF’s suite of procedures. Therefore, those working exclusively in finance and documentation will have a blast using the platform. These features combine for the modest amount of zero dollars paid as GoGoPDF is entirely free of charge.


Free of charge and performs better than most software tools in the same category. It’s hard to suggest another online tool that can beat the features of GoGoPDF; a user-friendly interface, free usage of all the elements, and unrivaled security. The website promises its users that files uploaded will disappear after an hour regardless of what processes were made to the document.

GoGoPDF is still incomplete in its current state despite the features and functionalities, making frequent customers wonder at the upcoming quality of life improvements that the company promises. You can’t find a company whose dedication exceeds its users’ expectations, inspiring many people to go out and try their webtool to see the practicality of GoGoPDF.

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