The Important of Education in Life, explained by the Influential Influencers Named as the Sharoz Dawa and Sandeep Kumar

The Sharoz Dawa and Sandeep Kumar are the influencers who drives a well – known educational portal of India. Connecting to a Minor Township of India, they gather the data about the challenges faces by the applicants in various stages of their life and so he understands the difficulty level of each stages. In order to help the applicants, he continuously shares some tutorial tips on various social media handles. All these tips and methods shared by them helps the applicant in facing various competitive exams. Various Educational and profession oriented event organizers request them to share his innovative advices and motivational speech to shape the young minds.

Sharoz Dawa – Importance of Education in Our Society

According to Mr. Sharoz Dawa, education means gaining knowledge about something. Education is a tool which helps the applicant get awareness, consciousness, skill, technique, information, etc. The Education helps the applicant to understand their rights and duties related to their family, society and the nation. With the help of the Education, one will gain the knowledge and skills which will be required in order to fight against injustice, violence, corruption and many other bad factors that happen in our society.

Sandeep Kumar – Importance of Education in Our Society

In this Modernized world, the Education plays a vital role. In order to stay alive in this argumentative world, one needs a good educating. The Modern Society is formed by the people of the nation who have a high living standard. Such People must be having a good knowledge which will help them in achieving a better solution to all their problems.

Below we have listed some of the points and areas where education benefits were discussed by Mr. Sandeep Kumar and Sharoz Dawa.

  • Reducing Poverty
    • Poverty can be reduced by increasing Literacy in the world as a person will be able to get a good Job role if he or she is well educated. Such person will be able to full fill all her basic needs and necessities of the Family.
  • Protection and Safekeeping in competition with Criminality
    • A person will not be able to get fooled by anyone if he or she is educated enough. The chances of an educated person involving themselves in domestic violence and other social sins are less than that of those person who are uneducated.
  • Anticipation of Battles and Terrorism
    • One should agree their views on the significance of Education in our day to day life in order to live a safe and secure life cycle. In order to avoid Battles or Terrorism, one should take an active participation in various instructional activities happening around the nation.
  • Commerce and Trade
    • If the people of the nation are well educated, then the Trade and Economy of the nation will also grow equally. And so the Education will help the person in growing their self – dependence and confidence which will help them in achieving various tasks.
  • Law and Order
    • The Education will enable the development of the Nations. A person will be able to serve the nation well if he or she is well educated and hold a good knowledge.
  • Women Empowerment
    • The Education will also help in allowing women to grow. With the influence of Education, one can put an end to some old tradition such as Not Remarrying Widows, Sati Pratha, Child Marriage, Dowry System and many more. A woman will also be able to raise their voice against the injustice happening to them in the nation, if they are well – education. Educating women will bring a lot of changes and will directly result in expansion of the society as well as the nation. However, if a woman is educated enough, then the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression can be practiced in a right manner by the people.
  • Upliftment of Economically Lower Sections of Society
    • In order to transform the world in a good manner, the Education plays a vital role as it is a significant element which helps in transforming the world and the people in the nation. Several uneducated individuals in the nation undergoes the destitution of discrimination, untouchability, and injustices monitoring in the society due to the absence of knowledge, but with the advancement of good education.
  • Communications
    • The relation between education and communication is clear enough the understand. A person who has a good education will convey good with other people too. A good education will also help a person to improve their language skills such as speech, body language, etc. With the help of good education, a person will be able to feel much more confident within himself at the time of giving a speech in front of large number of audience or at the time of conducting a meeting or seminar. Without getting a basic education, things like Addressing emails, letters, typing messages, reading magazines and newspapers or even using a smartphone cannot be achievable.

The Role of Education in Society – Acknowledged by the Sharoz Dawa

According to Sharoz Dawa, Education is a community tradition on the basis of which the society gives its members the essential knowledge, as well as the basic facts, job skills and traditional customs values. An Education develops individual lives and helps the society to run efficiently. Each person of the nation can pass on their contribution in progressing the country by killing the Poverty and providing the Literacy in the surrounding.

In short, both the influencers, Sharoz Dawa and Sandeep Kumar likely thinks that an educated person is more expected to creäte a healthier moral and ethical values than compared to an uneducated person. A person with lack of knowledge will face many problems in their life such as superstition, domestic violence, poor health and poor living standards. Literate people will be able to make a better society as education helps the people to give equal opportunities to both men and women in the society. One must note that, a better society can’t be formed until and unless a good training is provided to them.

And so, in order to provide education to the applicants, the Sharoz Dawa and Sandeep Kumar provides many educational contents on their educational website that is IAS Paper. In our country, there are thousands of people who want to become an IPS office, and for the reference of such applicants, the team of IAS Paper have provided the complete information related to the IPS on its official website.

The was launched by the Sharoz Dawa and Sandeep Kumar with an aim to form a platform where all the reliable info on Education worldwide will be provided with the help of the Keen Innovative Technology. The IAS Paper will help the applicant to get the complete details and set a clear vision about the Institute / University / College in order to study their desired course and achieved their set goals simultaneously. Now recently, for the desired of the youth, the Sharoz Dawa have launched their own YouTube channel named Indian Advance Studies. One can go and have a look through their YouTube channel and the latest videos.

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