The past 12 months have seen countless difficulties and countless examples of triumphs in the face of adversity. The world is full of such stories, and though your brand or your platform might have suffered this year, there are always opportunities to grow back and bounce back better than before. In this piece, we’re going to look at new and exciting ways in which brands are now able to engage with their audiences, online or in person, to help increase conversion rates and customer loyalty in 2021.

Use Digital Tools

The more you’re able to analyze the data concerning your existing customers, the more you’re able to give them exactly what they want. In banking, the phrase Know Your Customer means being aware of any financial insecurity that customers might offer you; for online businesses, getting to know your customer is the best approach to knowing how to adapt and develop as a brand.

Digital tools will help you analyze the data necessary to make strong and confident decisions to build up your customer base and increase your traction online. Whether you learn that your target customer is expecting more video content or that they’re particularly susceptible to deals and online promotions, getting that data processed will help you build up better engagement in 2021 and beyond.

Online Exhibitions

People are missing getting out and about and viewing exhibitions. That’s understandable after a year in which millions have felt trapped at home. In order to play a little to this desire for newness – and to do something quite unique for your business – it’s recommended that you look into the idea of a virtual exhibition.

You can either provide this live or as a recording or a static page. The benefits, of course, are multiple: not only will you see your engagement go through the roof, but you’ll be able to link to a marvelous piece of marketing material for the months to come. Talk to experts at DB Pixelhouse to start planning how yours will engage with customers in 2021.

Engaging Events

Finally, what’s more exciting than taking part in an online event that’s actually built to take your opinion and your vision into account? In today’s world, you’re able to host events that are responsive to the feedback of your audience – which means that you can produce live polling and voting that’ll make your event truly exciting and memorable.

There are plenty of ways in which you can imaginatively create an online event that’ll engage your audience. You can, for instance, hold a vote or an auction. You might host comments or interviews with customers about a certain product or service. Or, you might simply present a fun and entertaining show on your YouTube channel, streamed live for all of your subscribers to enjoy. The choice is yours – but keep it fun and engaging to inspire the best feedback.

With virtual events and online conferences continuing to be on the rise, the tips above are all smart ways to engage your own audience in increasingly novel and exciting ways.



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