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The Legal Cannabis Market in North America Is Exploding and One World Pharma Is Poised to Lead the Way

For the first time in a very long while, it’s actually a good time to be a stoner. State after state has passed legislation to repeal the ban on the use of medical and recreational marijuana. In many states like Nevada and Colorado, the repeal of strict cannabis laws has led to a huge amount of companies being created.

The demand for legal cannabis has skyrocketed in recent years, and that means that companies which are involved in the industry have to step up to the plate. Demand is growing around every aspect of the industry—ranging from legal aid related to industry-specific red tape, to marketing, to actual products that involve THC and CBD.

Of course, not much can be done as far as the Green Boom goes without actual cannabis to smoke, or the extract oils to infuse into other products. So cultivation is the biggest sector of the new cannabis-related world. Cultivators throughout the United States are scrambling to get licensure, increase their farmland, and also get better crops than ever before.

The Cultivation Boom Is Real

If you look at local headlines dealing with legal marijuana/hemp cultivation, you will probably see one or two new companies emerging every month claiming to be cultivators. Most of the companies that try to get licensure will fail, though, because the methods that they use to grow cannabis aren’t up to par. Many of the growers have small plots of land, 10-12 acres, and weather is a huge factor. Companies, like CubeIT, are offering modular clean rooms to offset the challenge cultivators face to produce consistent quality growing. you can now set up a cultivation unit in a warehouse!

There’s also the fact that companies are now working to grow the most potent strains possible, and that in itself has been a serious struggle. Getting the best possible product requires ideal growing conditions, world class seeds, and round-the-clock attention to detail. And to sell products growers need to meet compliance regulations, which includes testing.

Nevada’s One World Pharma is a company that has been gaining traction, positioning its wholly-owned Colombia subsidiary OneWorld Pharma S.A.S. to be a global leader in the cultivation, processing, and worldwide export of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts: they don’t sell marijuana wholesale or retail, but rather, are positioned to fulfill the raw ingredients in volume to large pharma and consumer brands product companies.

Why One World Pharma Is Different

Most cannabis growers have the same business model: get licensed, get a farm in the United States, and sell crops. OWP Ventures, Inc. traveled a different path securing all four licenses in Colombia, where the environment is ideal for cannabis growth. A stable government (investment rating of BBB by S&P), 12 hours of sunlight, and the perfect climate, humility, and fertile oil make it the largest producer of cannabis in world currently.

Moreover, OWP Ventures, Inc, and their subsidiary, OneWorld Pharma S.A.S., were also the first company to partner with the indigenous farmers in a mutually-beneficial relationship. Canadian companies are now following their lead, but OneWorld Pharma has much deeper ties in Colombia. Being socially responsible driven, with the full support of the Colombian government.

One World Shows Others How It’s Done

By creating outreach programs and focusing on a scientific-driven seed cultivation initiative, as well as testing above and beyond what is required by law, they claim to have the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade product available. As the flood gates open and consumer brands like Coca-Cola, and others, begin creating CBD-infused products, OneWorld Pharma will be positioned at the supplier of choice, unmatched in quality, and outpacing the competition in volume.

For more information about OWP Ventures, Inc. and its subsidiary OneWorld Pharma S.A.S., follow them on on Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or their website.

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