Evolution Walkers

The maintenance of Evolution walkers is crucial because it will prevent injuries, save on repair costs, and extend the walker’s lives and long-term damage to the user’s body. If you take good care of the walker, it will continue to be comfortable to use and a good energy-efficient mobility option. And the cushion of the walker will provide pressure relief and good support to the user when they are well taken care of. The majority of walker’s accidents are a result of a malfunction. When the walkers are not properly maintained, they will increase user risks due to the walker’s breakdown. Here are maintenance services you should carry out

Cushion maintenance

A walker’s cushions are a very important element, and they do not last for long compared to the frame. How walker users interact with the cushion and his body will determine their comfortability while using the walker and ensure their clinical safety. When the cushion wore out, the chances are that the user may have high chances of developing a pressure ulcer. A weekly inspection must be carried out by removing the covers and cushion to check for tears or holes that may be developing. You can also check on zipper malfunction.

Nuts and bolts

A walker that is constantly being used may have loose nuts and bolts. Therefore, you should carry out most maintenance to ensure that the nuts and bolts are tight and properly adjusted. If left loose, they may not hold properly and even lose further and cause accidents to the user. It would be best if you inspected the nuts every month, ensure that you do not tighten them so much to avoid breaking. Further, check all the movable parts and ensure that they don’t rattle each other.


You should always ensure that a walker’s tires are not worn out to avoid giving the user a hard time propelling. You can visually inspect the rear tires daily before used to check for wear, loosening, damages, cracks, bulges, and flat spots. Usually, you will notice a problem with the tire when they are moving on flat surfaces. If you notice any problem with your tires, call a walker maintenance expert to replace the worn-out tread or face any other challenge.


Brakes are so important to stabilize the walker to remain in an exact spot. Therefore, it is important to inspect them to ascertain that they are tightly held onto the frame. An inspection should be done once a month and if a problem exists, call for a maintenance expert to repair them.


The role of the arm support is to provide a resting position for the arms of the user. Additionally, it is convenient for the user to handle the walker when they want to move to higher places. If they have a problem, they should be fixed or adjusted to avoid sliding and causing falls to the user.

Lubricate moving parts

Lubrication is critical to the moving parts like wheels to keep those parts moving smoothly and stop any rusting effect. When the moving parts are not well lubricated, they may increase friction, leading to wear of those moving parts.

Finally, ensure that your walker is serviced by a professional expert at least twice a year to keep you safe, especially if you have health complications.

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