Removing body hair can be quite a challenge to a lot of individuals, especially because the current hair removal methods offer a temporary solution only or cause discomfort. Those who are looking for a “quick fix” usually shave or use depilatory creams, but hair grows back in no time. Some resort to sugaring or waxing, which removes hair from the root and does hinder hair growth for a little longer, at the expense of pain and itching.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to hair removal, such as pre-owned cosmetic lasers for laser hair removal may do the trick for you.

Laser Hair Removal: The Basics

Laser hair removal in Miami is exactly as it sounds. It involves removing hair using laser treatment. A beam of light is aimed at the target area, and the light is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair. The light energy is converted into heat energy, which “burns” the hair follicles, including the roots, to prevent hair growth. The laser tool is specially designed to avoid damaging the surrounding skin. Hence, laser hair removal can provide a long-term solution to your unwanted hair woes.

As with any procedure, laser hair removal also has its merits and disadvantages.

What are the pros of laser hair removal?

It drastically reduces hair growth: Unlike other treatment methods, laser hair removal drastically reduces the rate of hair growth as a result of the follicle destruction. This becomes more obvious as you do more sessions, to the point where you may no longer need sessions for several months and even years.

It’s extremely accessible: Laser hair removal has become extremely popular that a lot of beauticians, dermatologists, and skincare professionals offer this service in their clinics. In fact, if you search for a hair removal service online, you may find a website of a laser hair removal clinic in your area as we speak.

It doesn’t take a while to finish a session: Laser hair removal is administered via a machine and will only take a few minutes, depending on the area being treated. For example, both underarms will be finished in less than 10 minutes. Large areas such as your back and legs may take longer. Hence, you can go for a session even in your lunch break.

Its pain levels are manageable: Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal doesn’t cause as much pain. A laser treatment can range from painless to moderately painful. To prevent and reduce any discomfort, the technician may apply ice or a special cream to the area before and after the session. As you do more sessions and as hair gets finer and easier to remove, the pain lessens.

What are the cons of laser hair removal?

Its efficiency depends on other factors: Because laser treatment involves targeting the dark melanin pigments in a specific area, it is primarily recommended to those with dark hair and fair skin. For people with darker skin, which obviously contains a lot of melanin pigments, the procedure can be a little tricky. Check a clinic’s website if advanced devices and methods are available that allow for dark skin laser hair removal.

It’s just a semipermanent solution: Laser hair removal doesn’t offer a permanent solution to hair removal. While laser hair removal does destroy the hair follicles, regrowth is possible but with lesser and finer hair. Hence, you should expect going back to your clinic for retouches every few months.

It takes a long while to see results: While laser treatment in some areas can take a matter of minutes, it takes quite a number of sessions to see major changes in hair growth. You will usually need four to six sessions, with around six weeks in between sessions. So, yes, laser hair removal definitely takes a while to effectively remove the unwanted hair.

It can get expensive: One laser hair removal session can cost around $200 to $400, which can hurt your wallet if you need a total of six sessions to achieve your desired results. Remember, too, that you may need to go back for retouch sessions to maintain the reduced hair growth.


A lot of people find laser hair removal as more efficient in providing a semipermanent hair removal solution than other means. Use the information above to help you make an informed decision on laser hair removal before you book your first session.




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