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The Pros and Cons of Raising a Family in a Large City

No one ever said that rearing a family was an easy thing. It can be difficult enough to rear children in an idyllic suburban region. Raising children in an urban setting, however, is a whole other ballgame.

Take Los Angeles for example. LA is an enormous Southern California metropolis known around the globe for its warm temperatures, iconic film industry, culture-shifting music scene, world-class museums, beautiful architecture, and being an epicenter of excitement in general. However, with all this good comes the inevitable bad. If there’s one major drawback associated with rearing kids in Los Angeles besides the risk of earthquakes, wildfires, and water shortages, it’s the fact a city like LA is full of all kinds of temptations. It’s home to a fast-paced and unpredictable lifestyle that’s unlike any other on Earth.

As a consequence, kids reared in cities like Los Angeles in many cases learn about sex and drugs extremely quickly. It wouldn’t be unusual for your teen to know a classmate who had to enter the Valley Detox Center in LA to beat an opioid addiction. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be surprising for one of their other classmates to become pregnant before high school graduation. They may even experience peer pressure to engage in risky behavior themselves.

While these problems exist in smaller cities and towns, the lifestyles in these places are often moving at a much slower in pace. This gives parents more room to pay attention to what their kids are up to and reduces the number of risky temptations a person is confronted with on a daily basis.

If children are growing up in a fast-paced urban environment, they need to have solid foundations in life that can help them get the confidence necessary to resist temptations of all kinds, since the number of these temptations is going to be greater given the greater number of people. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason the renowned Forward rehab center is situated in the heart of LA and not in the middle of Wisconsin.

Life in Los Angeles is also pretty hectic. It can sometimes be enough to make people feel like they’re going to go batty. People often feel like they just can’t take it easy in LA, despite the alleged laid-back atmosphere synonymous with Southern California. Kids who live in the city often lack the serenity they may receive in other sections of the country. It can sometimes be hard to kick back and enjoy existence in Los Angeles. People in the metropolis often find it hard to get the time to unwind and keep to themselves for a little while.

There are undoubtedly various drawbacks that are part of life in big cities like Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a wealth of positive points for raising a family in LA versus someplace else. Los Angeles is a huge place that’s chock-full of people who have all kinds of professions. It’s chock-full of people from all different corners of the globe, too. This can be a beautiful thing for young people. It can be amazing for young individuals to get the opportunity to encounter others from all walks of life. Parents who want to give children well-rounded views of the world may want to live in bigger cities.

Big cities are also great for parents who want their children to have access to all sorts of world-class attractions and features. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in art history museums, in historic landmarks, in science institutes or in anything else. If you like in a city like LA, those things are all within easy reach for your kids. It can be invaluable for children to have the chance to take advantage of the educational perks that are part of city life. Museum attendance can be eye-opening. Heritage festival attendance can be just as fascinating. Big cities frequently contribute to the development of young adults who are eager, knowledgeable and open to all kinds of things in this world.

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