Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, outdoor entertaining spaces regardless of season and the weather – have become all the rage thanks to improvements in stylish, outdoor heating which makes heating your alfresco area extremely affordable and no doubt, more comfortable.

We asked one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of outdoor gas heaters for five of the best, quick and cost efficient fixes to turn even the most barren areas into a warm, welcoming and engaging alfresco space. Why did we ask an Australian supplier you ask? Because Aussies are the kings and queens of outdoor living! Makes sense to us. Hope their hints help!

  1. Add A Lick Of Paint

If your outdoor setting is looking weathered and generally worse for wear, consider giving it a makeover with a coat of paint or a new stain and add some new accessories. Giving tired furniture a fresh coat of paint or stain can be a fun and an affordable DIY project that will revamp your outdoor entertaining space as quick as you can paint it! It’s important though to select colours that will complement and work with your current decor and colour scheme. Steer away from going for a colour that’s too bold as it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Complete the look with new (weatherproof) outdoor cushions and finish with fairy lights overhead, which are ideal for creating ambience for those warm summer or autumn nights.

  1. Go All Green Thumb

Potted plants are such an easy update and inclusion that can make a huge difference to any outdoor space!

Adding pot plants in dead or boring spaces can soften an area and add greenery to your garden and courtyards instantly. They immediately elevate a space from “not wanting to spend any time there” to “I could sit here all day!” Check out your nearest gardening retailer for the most suitable hardy plants that require minimal maintenance. Succulents work a treat plus you get the added bonus of positive chi (feng shui).

  1. Wind And Weather Breaks

We also recommend installing outdoor blinds which come in a variety of looks, colours and transparencies as they not only transform the look and feel of an alfresco area but also create the effect of an additional living space. They can also assist in heating outdoor spaces quickly and provide your alfresco space with additional privacy. Did we forget to mention they act as wonderful wind blocks?

Please note, not all outdoor spaces need blinds. If the space is well and truly undercover, with a sense of privacy – blinds will not be of importance. For some however, blinds attribute greatly aesthetically and functionally to their alfresco space.

  1. The Final Touches

Just as they do inside the home, accessories wisely placed in alfresco areas can work wonders. Whether it’s a coat of paint, soft furnishings, blankets, lighting, rugs or infrared gas barbeques (how amazing are they!) – the final touches make all the difference. Finishing touches complete the space and turn your alfresco dining area into another room in your home thanks to their feel good factors. Consider including different textures into the area too, such as cane, timber or stone. Second hand shops are amazing for finding unique pieces that you can decorate your space in – affordably.

  1. Herbalicious

A vertical garden including herbs you can cook with on the barbeque and place in salads is a wonderful, homely way to transform a dull wall into a bright, lively space. Installing a vertical garden is so easy thanks to vertical garden kits that contain all you need to get the framework in place with correct and sufficient irrigation. Choose herbs and plants that will work well in your space based on light and shade. If you’re after a large wall filled with a vertical garden, seek professional assistance from a vertical garden specialist.

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