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Welcome to The Rundown! Here you will find discussions about last night’s games brought to you by Craig Brallier and Nick Billion, as well as predictions for tonight’s games. With that said, let’s go ahead and get started.


Nick Billion: Nuggets/Hornets: The Hornets get the win after a big game off the bench from Frank Kaminsky. I’d expect more of that this season. Nuggets have the potential there, don’t count them out yet.

Craig Brallier: Yeah Kaminsky had a big game. But I love the season Dwight Howard is having! With the way the game is changing, he’s not gonna come out and be a threat to score 30+ on yo but I’ll take a 15 point, 19 rebound game any day. The Nuggets looked bad, with only three players scoring in double figures and shooting 38.4 % from the field as a team. But like Nick said, this Nuggets team isn’t as bad as they were last night.


NB: Nuggets/Hornets: Struggles continue for Wolves without Butler. I think it shows how much of a leader he is. Piston have strong showing backed by player of the night candidate Tobia Harris. I thought going in that this game may have a similar outcome the Wolves last game, having one player just run through the defense. Last night it was TB.

CB: I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s wrong with this Minnesota team. Is it the bench? The fit of the starting unit? Surely not the coaching staff right? I just don’t know. What I do know is Andrew Wiggins NEEDS more shots, especially on a night where Jimmy Butler is out, if this team is going to have any success this season. A 20+ point loss with the talent this team has is unacceptable. Mad props to the Pistons though. Tobias Harris was awesome, as he has been all season with 34 points. The also got a nice 15, 15 game from Andre Drummond. Detroit was just more sound on both ends and that’s why they picked up the win last night.


NB: Fun one in Philly as this competitive game came down to a buzzer beater but player of the night candidate Eric Gordon, who not only hit game winner, but had a strong game. Don’t count Philly out yet, it was a good game by then and the potential is right there to have a great season.

CB: With Chris Paul out, I thought the potential was there for Philly to get the win, but they couldn’t close them out. Good games from Gordon and James Harden, as well as a solid night on the boards for Clint Capela, who had 20 rebounds. For the Sixers, I need them to close this game out. That’s going to be the difference between this group and title contending teams. Another near triple double night for Ben Simmons wasn’t enough, and his +/- was a -13! Your best player can’t have a -13, it’s just unacceptable. If he could’ve had a positive night, we would be talking about a much different game. But not a bad loss for the Sixers, losing by just two to a contender? That’s a good loss to have.


NB: Bit of a surprise as Nets knock off the Cavs. LeBron gets a triple double in loss. Maybe it’s to earlier to look into it, but J.R. Smith not as effective in game.

CB: This is why I’m worried about the Cavs. I don’t think Kevin Love and J.R. Smith are consistent enough to help LeBron win another title. Sure, they didn’t have D-Wade, but I’m still not convinced that a 35 year old Wade is a big difference maker for this team. I did love the game the Nets had though. Big night for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Spencer Dinwiddie. Limiting their turnovers and forcing turnovers were key last night, as Cleveland had 21 to Brooklyn’s 12.


NB: What more can I say then player of the night candidate LaMarcus Aldridge has another big game. His impact on this team now is showing that the spurs are not going anywhere anytime soon in the conference.

CB: Yeah, big game from LA, he’s really picked up the slack with Leonard and Parker out and had another really good game last night. I also really like the way Rudy Gay played. I think he was one of the best pickups of the summer.


NB: Oladipo has a big game but not enough to stop Westbrook and Thunder as Russ gets a triple-double. Melo gets double-double. This team is something to watch out for.

CB: The Thunder may have finally found their winning formula. That said, it didn’t come without Paul George having a bad game. Is limiting PG going to be the way this team wins?


NB: Gasol and Conley not enough to stop Mavs as Rookie Dennis Smith Jr. Has a good game.

CB: It’s never the most fast paced, exciting game when these two meet, but Marc Gasol had another good game, but as Nick said, Dennis Smith Jr. had a solid, efficient night. Harrison Barnes and Dirk also contributed pretty good games with 15 and 13 points respectively.


NB: Suns win and now look to continue momentum after everything team is dealing with. But if I’m the Suns, you have to find a way to make Josh Jackson more effective. Jazz are a team that I think many people overlook, but I’d be careful, they still have a chance, I wouldn’t count them out.

CB: Man, I remember a decade ago when this was one of the best matchups in basketball. Last night was so/so, but with a solid night from T.J. Warren (27 points) the Suns pick up the win as they cleaned up the boards as well.


NB: Big night for the Dubs as Curry, Durant and Thompson all drop 20+. Raptors hung in there but were not able to get the win. DeRozan leads team in effort.

CB: Golden State’s Big 4 were awesome. The difference in the game was made from beyond the arc. GSW hit 46% of their threes, while the Raptors only hit 23%.


NB: Final game of the night, didn’t disappoint as there was talk all week about Wall dominating Ball. In the end, the final statement when to Ball as Lakers beat Wizards in OT. Backed by double-doubles from Larry Nance Jr, and Brandon Ingram.

CB: John Wall looked to teach Lonzo Ball a lesson, but had a mediocre game. Brad Beal and Marcin Gortat were the only Wizards who made a huge difference in my opinion. Ball was decent defensively, and had 10 assists to just one turnover. He did have a terrible night shooting the ball, but it wasn’t enough to cost them this game.

Player of the Night:

NB: For me this came down to a few people, including Tobias Harris’ game against twolves, Eric Gordon’s game against Sixers, and L.A.’s game against the Heat. In the end I have to give it to LaMarcus Aldridge as he continues to be effective and dominate games.

CB: I’m love how LA has been this season, but I love the game Tobias Harris had. 34 points off of 58% shooting, including 6/9 from three point land. He was awesome and he’s my Player of the Night.

Predictions for tonight:


NB: Bulls

CB: Hawks


NB: Grizzlies

CB: Grizzlies


NB: Celtics

CB: Bucks


NB: Blazers

CB: Blazers


NB: Pelicans

CB: Pelicans

That’ll do it for today’s Rundown! Come back tomorrow for discussion of tonight’s games and find out who will be our Player of the Night!

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