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The Spectator: Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Overblown And Idiotic

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Over the last 48 hours, can you take a guess about what has trended all over social media?

It is not the pathetic unraveling of GOP wunderkind Ben Carson and his presidential campaign,  nor is it LSU’s stud running back Leonard Fournette and his family being under NCAA investigation over making a profit on his likeness.

Heck, it ain’t even about the recent jobs and unemployment rate.

It sure as hell ain’t about the $4.5 million waste of taxpayers money in a clearly apparent attempted political hit on Hillary Clinton a.k.a. Benghazi. Hell, it ain’t even about Johnny Manziel—for once.

It is about coffee giant Starbucks and their decision to switch to plain red cups. OMG!

To channel my inner Allen Iverson, this ain’t about the glorified side show also known as the Republican presidential debate, nor ISIS, nor the Syrian refugee crisis, nor even the disturbing photos of an abused woman at the hands of a roided-up football player in Greg Hardy who should be behind bars, we ain’t even talking about practice. 

Thanks to self-proclaimed social media evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, our daily news feeds are now filled with the hashtags of #Starbucks #satansipper and #waronchristmas 

Now, even the Donald himself jumped into the controversy in calling for a boycott of Starbucks.

We Are. Talking. About. Coffee. Cups. COFFEE CUPS!

Forgive me for injecting my own personal brand of java into SUCH a hot-brewed non-issue as this, while you step back and away from your laptop or computer to laugh hysterically for a moment.

And if you listen closely, the rest of the world is laughing and mocking at the so-called “greatest nation in the world” over the color of coffee cups.

Anna Kendrick ain’t got nothing on me, when it comes to talking cups.

With all that is going on in the world, Americans—and the small—yet narrow-minded segment of our population that call themselves ‘mericans, Christians and ahem..patriots have decided to dogpile on the latest manufactured outrage that is trending because they have nothing else going on in their lives to whine and rail against a business over it’s own graphic design choice of cups.

To those who are so concern about Starbucks’ so-called “war on Christmas”, was this before or after it went viral?

Not to say that I’m calling out those “concerned Christians” who apparently need their Lord and Savior ‘s blessing to get a cup of joe that doesn’t have a snowflake, St. Nick or even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on it, did you have these same “concerns” while you were busy patronizing the liberal bastion of quasi-corporate elitism and wait in line for an over-priced Pumpkin Spice Latte?

As a fellow Christian(Roman Catholic) I find this whole fabricated anti-Christian hysteria a sad exercise of the dangerous influence of the social media mob at best and a classless show of close-minded ignorance at worst, because the ones who are suddenly complaining about this so-called war on Christmas are some of Starbucks’ biggest customers.

Oh! the irony!

In my opinion, the same people are most likely in the small and misinformed segment of the American population, who feel that this is another subtle shot by America’s own so-called closet Muslim Commander-in-Chief of destroying America, oh my, let the Obama/corporate subjugation of Christendom conspiracy theories begin.

And all over…cups. Red cups.

Maybe, it is a sign of the devil, who knows.

To those who are also wailing about this, it’s so funny that you are quick to defend Israel and worship the feet of Bibi, yet, you are quick to attack a Jewish-owned conglomerate over a beverage that first originated in—you guessed it—a pair of African Muslim nations. Ethiopia and Yemen to be exact.

The next time people who falsely cry wolf over an issue, please be sure to understand the basic core of it before jumping on the bandwagon to look or seem cool and informed. Also be sure to thank that barista who serves you that nice and warm Peppermint Mocha, regardless of the cup’s color.

Happy Holidays!

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