Shortly after making the trade of guard Mario Chalmers official the Miami Heat put another matter to rest.

The team announced that it is suspending guard Gerald Green for two games starting immediately due to ‘detrimental behavior’ stemming from an incident that had him hospitalized on November 4. Green put out an apology through the team.

The Heat did not give specific details throughout Green’s incident, as per their usual procedure, making it easy for erroneous speculation to spread mainly through social media. When the news first broke out a Twitter account impersonating Brian Windhorst of ESPN put out a claim that Green was arrested. The fake report spread out far enough to warrant a response from the Miami-Dade police department refuting it.

After that report was debunked and Green was released from the hospital the lack of information led to more social media speculation including the possible use of illicit substances.

On the basketball court Green’s scoring off the bench was missed in the Heat’s two close losses to the Atlanta Hawks and Indiana Pacers.

Green will come back to the team on November 17 when the Heat will face the Minnesota Timberwolves.



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