Ever since the beginnings of the Tea Party, the GOP has increasingly had extreme-right members that want the USA to take an isolationist position. This is due to conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones who say that there is a one world government conspiracy where all nation-states lose their sovereignty while a central government controls every part of the world. So it is believed that every part of the world will be subjugated to the same laws without consideration for cultural or societal norms and customs.

The right-wingers believe that due to trade agreements that Americans have lost jobs. To an extent there is truth to this, but many other jobs were created. However most of these jobs were outsourced due to Americans propensities to make fraudulent lawsuits creating costly risks for employees. Also Americans are graduating without the math, science, and engineering skills necessary to work manufacturing jobs, costing the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. Not to mention that in the 1980’s, factory jobs were looked down upon. If you did factory work you were a step just above a fast food worker.

There are many benefits for globalization, to work economically with other countries. It is believed that a democratically elected country does not invade other democratically elected countries. This is part of McWorld, a place where any country that has a McDonalds has never attacked another country with a McDonalds.

I am not saying this to promote McDonalds, but the point being made is that any country that begins to open up for American Corporations are perceived to become more open and less tribal, bringing them into the larger world community.

Also by creating jobs overseas, this allows for corporations to help with nation building without the American government giving them aid money. Oftentimes, a company will make a deal like 10 years tax free, given the property and building for free as well, just as long as they help build the infrastructure of the country. This often includes creating roads, which are needed to ship goods, create hospitals for a healthy workforce, and educational institutions, because an educated workforce is needed.

Donald Trump made mention about the USA being in South Korea and that we are getting a bad part of the deal. South Korea pays 40% of the cost to have the USA stationed there. However this gives us a location in the Pacific, just like being in Okinawa does, that allows for our naval presents and US Marines within a short notice in a strategically prime area.

This extends to other places as well. Without the naval presence then free-trade from all countries would be hindered.

Creating opportunities with other countries builds great relations. Also any country that is a fledgling economy, such as Tunisia, needs private investment. It is from the private sector, and not the government sector in which most jobs are created. It is up to the governments to make a political climate to allow for business to so through all phases, from start up, to mid-size, to multinational conglomerates.

By trying to prevent multinational trade, or creating barriers, the loss of our goodwill towards the rest of the globe will be seen. We will suffer as a result. It will make it very difficult for developing nations to support their people. This will result in the need for increased aid. We will suffer financially as a result and they might not make it to that next level of development.

Let’s do what is right and continue leading the world in trade.

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