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It’s an official end of the Spring 2020 runways, time to look closely for the upcoming trends, from dresses to jewelry, shoes to bags that will be the showstopper of 2020 and we can’t wait to wear. From new motifs to revisit the vintage collection there is a lot to digest.

The season is all about standing out from the crowd and dominate the fashion world.

There are lots to grab from this spring season, like a Necklace Wrap to stackable Ring, Bracelets Cuffs to Colorful Gemstones, we really have a bunch of trendy and stunning jewelry which made a great impact on the jewelry world. Not only diamonds, but the use of natural materials like shell, stone and wood also has a great part of the top jewelry style statement.

Do you want to wait till next spring for all the glamourous jewelry trends? Why don’t know everything before and be on our toes? If you are eager to know the jewelry style of next season, then get a sneak-peek at top jewelry trends spring 2020

Make a Way for Big Hoops

When models hit the runway, all eyes got stuck on the Big Gold Hoops dangling from their ears. Ultra-thick Hoops make a bold statement everywhere. With these earrings you don’t need much accessories, it completes the whole look beautiful with a style. You can do experiments with the metals or you can add a more enchanting design to the earrings to make it bolder and more unique. Large Spiral Hoops is also not left behind, twisted and spiral things are becoming popular in every style especially in Hoops. Pair your large hoops with a simple chain or pendant for a complete look. ARY D’PO has an amazing collection of pendants, so make sure you check it out.

By the Colorful Gemstone

Keep aside your gold silver jewelry this season, as the jewelry designer brought great exposure of the colored gemstones. This time with vibrant shades gemstones is out in full force. With creative jewelry combining colorful gemstone just look bold and mesmerizing. Wake up the kid inside you with these colorful ornaments, as dressing up and styling is all about having fun with fashion. Mismatched colors and stones for in an eye-catching jewelry piece. Gemstones are making their way to almost every jewelry style from Rings to Necklaces. Colorful gemstones are taking place in the Wedding Ring jewelry also. So, it’s time to paint your style with beautiful colors.

The Single Earring

There is something unusual and unexpected in wearing single earrings, but the single earring thing is just the next door. The single earring jewelry is going to dominate the double earrings world. A single statement earring looks even bolder than double and the spring runways are the proof. Exercise the look with a chandelier ornament or an oversized golden hoop gives you the glimpse of modern vibrant fashion style. Pair your off-shoulder top with one earring for a perfect glam up style. The key to making this look rocking is go for a distinctive, bold and statement earring rather decent or simple earring. If you have a cartilage piercing, then Ear Cuffs are also a great option for single earrings. Long Chandelier, Charms, and Drops will be just right for you.

Chunky Oversized Chains

Another major trend has been the chunky oversized chains. The Chains got bigger and bigger this time, and if we consider the recent runway fashion, then this trend is only to gain popularity in the upcoming years. The chain needs to stand out in the crowd without being pained in your neck. Be a little careful while picking up dainty chains, some designers offer bigger and bolder pieces of lightweight metal. We love them as they are fashionable yet comfortable, so try to pick them. You can also pair these stunning chains with matching chain earrings or bracelets or more fascinating look. Two tone chain necklace or gemstone engrave chains or a sparkling version every design will make you outshine in the crowd, because bold is beautiful this season.

New Version of Pearls

Pearl have always been known for classiness. The new wave of pearls is modern and chunky, miles away from what you have seen before. Designers sculpted pearls in the edgy designs which open a whole new chapter for pearl jewelry. Designers are twisting the traditional of pearl jewelry with a modern touch. From sparkling diamonds and other stones, the focus is shifting towards the pearls. This classic material is designed in almost every form Wedding Rings, necklaces, headpiece and bracelets. Pearls are everywhere. Pearls Drop Earrings are stealing hearts with its grace and innovative designs. Now even couples are considering pearl on their Engagement Ring. Pearls are surely here to stay.

Seashore Jewelry

Jewelry designers are now exploring the paths of seashore jewelry. The sea and sand for inspiration with found objects and combing them in charm necklaces, bracelets and statement earrings. You can style shell earrings for a captivating look. Or can combine different shape and color objects for a bold necklace piece. There is a huge range of these jewelry pieces to adorn you this season. They are as expensive and classy as diamonds, but why don’t belittle unique? With something unusual and different. Big hoops decorate with shell will make you own the stage completely. If you have any doubts, then clear it because seashore is going to rock this spring season.

Mismatch Metals

Wearing same metal is a bit outdated and boring? This spring is all about mismatching your metals and stones. Now you can have it all. Combine white gold with rose gold for more stunning jewelry. Two tone metal jewelry is going to be top of the charts. As they give you the freedom to exercise more fashion to your jewelry. We all like bold things, two tone metals give a new texture to the jewelry and after this you don’t need to do more, half of your work is done with this. Designers are combining metals in Rings, Necklaces in everything for more impactful jewelry pieces. It will look as classy and elegant but with a sweet twist!

Closing Lines

From colorful stones to pearls, oversized hoops to linked chains, this spring season is full of glamour and style. It will overwhelm your soul with some stunning jewelry trends and left you to ask for more and more. Buy your dream jewelry now, get ready to rock the spring 2020 with your amazing bold style statement. Like you we also cannot wait till 2020, you can start from now also. Pick your favorite accessory and rock the floor like boss lady.


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