When you’re looking for options to eat in Tuscaloosa, you need to know that there are many options available. Most importantly though, thanks to innovative mobile technology, you can count on food delivery options when you’re not able to put a pause on our busy everyday lives to actually go and get the food we want.

In this guide, we’re going to give you some viable options that you can choose from using a great mobile app (we’ll talk about that later) and tell you the top places you can have your fresh hot food delivered to you from local eateries.

1. Pizzeria Extraordinaire – California Love
In the heart of Alabama, Pizza is still a very important thing. Are you wanting some good classic and authentic pizzas? If so, forget about Pizza Hut and Domino’s, you can get some of the best pizza from this local eatery. Consider things like the California Girl’s Pizza, or the California Love Signature Pizza and get some of the freshest ingredients in your pizza arsenal.

2. Druid City Deli
This restaurant is like the Subway of tomorrow, but they’re locally owned. What’s awesome about this is that all of their ingredients are served hot and fresh, and most importantly, they’re not loaded with everything you get when you go to more popular sub-stop chains. You can even get their veggie sandwich, and people love their unique flavor and fresh tasting sandwich with ripple chips.

3. Market Fresh
Market Fresh Salads offers exactly what their name entails. Salads with the freshest ingredients from local markets that can tantalize your taste buds. They’re more than just your average salad though, and they have authentic salads and delicious salad dressing options when you’re looking for a quality veggie fix.

4. Otis & Clyde’s
Hold the burgers. No wait… Don’t! This is a one of a kind Mom and Pop style shop that offers classic burgers and truly grilled hot dogs, as well as French fries of course that can make your mouth water with every bite. They even have chili cheeseburgers available, and all of their burgers are made with Braveheart angus beef with some amazing flavors locked into them.

5. Dynasty Wings
Who doesn’t like some good southern food once in a while? With the amazing flavors of wings and chicken tenders you can get from Dynasty Wings, you can get all of the goodness of wings, salads, and some amazing sides. One of their largest favorites are their onion ring baskets and their loaded fries, which aren’t meek by any means. You may pay a price for the food, but it’s more than worth it because they load you up with enough food. Try and not get full eating here and you may be out of luck.


If you’ve been wondering how you can have the best food in Tuscaloosa delivered right to your door, office, or wherever you may be, you can use a creative new app called Waitr in Tuscaloosa, which is easy to use, and has a great interface. Gone are just the days of Uber Eats and GrubHub. Simply order your food, wait a few minutes, and get it delivered to you hot and fresh all with a creative mobile app (and you can use the website too).

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