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These Are Some of The Reasons Why Women Suffer and Yet Stay in A Toxic Relationship

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There are a lot of toxic relationships, but sometimes, people wonder how they could last. Why doesn’t the woman leave her partner? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The thing is, while many women do victimize themselves, they are not doing so consciously. They are blind and they are afraid of moving out of their comfort zone. There are several reasons why women tolerate a toxic relationship and for each woman, the reasons differ. However, here are some of the common reasons for doing so:

1. His Apology

Generally, women tend to believe the person they love completely. So, when her partner apologizes to her, she will believe him and think that he is truly sorry for whatever happened. But it is necessary for women to analyze the situation properly and if something seems off, they should take the proper step towards it.

2. They Have a History

Sometimes, there are women who will be so involved in a certain relationship that they will not want to get out of it. For them, it would not be easy at all. But by staying in the relationship for such a long time, they are only making it worse for them. They have to be rational and call it quits at the right time.

3. They Can’t See Change

Sometimes, women fail to see that their partner has changed. They are so much in love with him that they completely fail to see the difference between the idea with which she had fallen in love in the first place and the present person. The result: a toxic relationship where the women only see the good things about her partner while consciously disregarding the bad parts.

4. Blaming Everything Else to Keep Her Partner Free from Blame

She will blame everything on other people or circumstances but would always keep her partner safe. Anything wrong that happens would be someone else’s fault, maybe her own too, but not her partner. This makes the partner less accountable to his faults.

5. She Does Not Want to Be Single

There are very few people who want to get back into the ‘single’ state. There is always a fear that if you become single, you will turn out to be lonely and nobody wants to be lonely in their lives. So, many women try to stay committed even with a toxic partner, just so that they don’t get into the scary ‘single’ status.

6. She Fantasizes More Than What Reality Presents

Some women engage themselves in fantasies to such an extent that they become blind to reality. They are also going after the fairy-tale romance and so, they are willing to tolerate misery as long as they are involved with their fairy-tale prince.

7. She Becomes Too Dependent on Her Partner

This is quite a common problem. Sometimes, women become far too dependent on their partner and as a result, they can’t really get out of the toxic relationship. They think that if they get out of it, they will be lost and clueless about life and how to survive it.

Most of the problems in toxic relationships are imaginary. It happens due to lack of self-belief and a bit of fantasy telling women that they are in the best position in their life and nothing can be better. But, being single is much better than being in a relationship that has turned toxic. It’s a simple fact that many women seem to find difficult to come in terms with.

In the end, you have to make the decision. Leave a relationship that brings you down. It is the best step towards your well-being.

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