Theta Healing

As the saying goes, “Good laughter and long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book” Human beings have been living throughout the universe for centuries; but, with the transformation of various societies, cultures, norms and values, certain essential necessities remain constant in the planet. Including a balanced lifestyle, a good relationship, a relationship with God; hence, it has become a core priority for people to attain this through various means, such as medicine, yoga, meditation, and one of the key sources is theta meditation.


Theta Healing is a unique healing technique which was devised in 1995 by “ViannaStibal”. During her intimate experience of curing the tumor of the leg. Theta Healing is a miracle for 21-st century as stated by –  Nini Guerard, Acupuncturist, Former Staff of Kaiser Permanente” If there is only one energy-technique that you learn this one. It will change your life forever. The technique is so simple it is perfect you will learn that nothing is impossible if you dare to believe.

WHAT IS Really Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a mind body technique that primarily works on the principle of two science field: quantum physics and epigenetics that uses the energy that passes in all things to make instantaneous and irreversible changes at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional and change. As we all know society mould people, our belief structures build our current climate, including our everyday pattern, our health, income, with the aid of Theta Healing, we can get rid of chronic pain, emotional disorder with extra weight, anxiety, anger, or violence; hence, research has revealed that many people have recovered from chronic pain, cancer, bacterial and viral infections, anxiety and depression, autism, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances; moreover, Theta Healing is meant for the body, mind, and spirit, and gives one the ability to get relieve of limited values and live a life full of optimistic thinking through prayer and meditation.


It has also been in a debate that how one can be heal via Theta Healing and the most asking question what is a process or technique? so, let’s dive to discover an interesting way , only way to reach theta state by meditation for which one require a quiet place may be an open air space where a  disturbance ratio should be almost zero, then close eyes and envisaged white ball within chest, which will have same function to gather all consciousness while first goes downward up to feet, then further movement should be continued this movement of ball should be continued until its goes beyond feet up to several hundreds of kilometers inside earth then imagine a large rock with infinite rope which will have tied one end with itself and other with rock and start a reverse journey or move upward through chest, neck, face , then ball leave a body through crown of head. it indicates state of theta but for deeper state of theta one should reinforce and white ball should go upward sky to leave this planet and land in some other planet and envisage a face to face situation with a huge ball of bluish white light and move horizontally with that bluish white light more and more…completely encompassed by that, definitely this is a state of deeper theta. According to Tracy A “Tracy Attinger, 37, She said that through Theta Healing she will help me reprogram the restricted values held in my subconscious and show me the accompanying emotions that I refuse to experience in my relation to higher power or spiritual energies”.


However, many people think Is It a safe way to heal? According to Theta Alchemy, you can quickly decide whether this is the correct choice for you or not by learning more about the benefits this technique provides. Let us have a look:

  • Discloses the capacity for imagination;
  • Puts an end to phobias and paranoia;
  • Frees you from patterns and addictions;
  • Keeping the divine bond stronger;
  • Helping you to gain personal independence;
  • Makes you make yourself healthier and feel good;
  • Heals body ailments;
  • Addresses mental difficulties and trauma;
  • Helps to feel more optimistic;
  • Plays your dreams and priorities;
  • Teaches you how to build harmonious ties.

FINAL SAYA ON Theta Healing

With no doubts, Theta Healing has proven meditation technique of healing myriad diseases, can help now practiced and taught at accredited schools in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, England, India, Italy, Japan and Mexico as well as in the United State. What’s more, by helping you to get rid of patterns of thinking that make you ill or create barriers with friends and family, this method purifies your mind, increases your power and freedom, and harmonizes your life, with the advent of hasty revolution of medical technologies, which have evidenced beneficial as well as printed some harmful foots; however, any kind of meditation specially theta meditation has showed more welcome results along with no harmful effects.


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