Things to do in Sydney in 2020

There are two schools of thought for a trip to the city: you wander through the city and do whatever takes your fancy, or you plan out the things to do in Sydney and follow your plan to the letter. Neither is better than the other and both have their strengths, it just depends on your preference. Though whichever you prefer, it never hurts to have a few things to do in Sydney to keep in mind before you head out into the city.

Go to the Opera House

A visit to Sydney should include a trip to the Sydney Opera House. You don’t even need to take in one of the amazing shows if you don’t have the time, the breathtaking architecture is worth a look from the outside and for free! The iconic sail-inspired shape is unmissable as you near the harbour. Walk the steps and take a photo or two in front of the impressive structure. 

You can take a guided tour of the inside of the opera house to get a feel for the scope of it as well as the history of the impressive building. And if all that doesn’t satisfy you, you may as well watch one of the performances while you’re there.

Enjoy a delicious meal

A fancy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with paired drinks is a wonderful way to relax and take in the scenery of Sydney. Two courses, three courses, four courses, or 11 courses are all options from various eateries in Sydney and there’s an eclectic mix of cuisines to choose from to suit all tastes. Whether it’s a full-on family affair, a romantic dinner for two or a friend date, indulge in good food and good drinks in Sydney. 

Climb the bridge

It’s a Sydney icon for a reason, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a feat of architecture and engineering, and you can climb it! 

All throughout the climb you’ll get views of Sydney like no other, and once you reach the top you’ll have 360° views of the city and the harbour. Of all the things to do in Sydney, there’s nothing quite like the Harbour Bridge climb. You’ll get a photo of you and your climb-mates together, so you can remember the event forever. 

Watch the sun set over the harbour

There are plenty of things to do in Sydney you can pay to experience, and then there are the simple, natural pleasures the city can offer. If you can time it right and the weather’s right, the sunset over the Sydney harbour is an unforgettable sight. Find a comfy spot to sit and grab a coffee (or a cheeky ice cream) and settle in to watch the natural splendour.

Whether you’re a planner, or someone who just goes with the flow, there are so many things to do in Sydney in 2020, you just have to find the right things for you.

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