There are many details you would want to plan out for your surf camp or vacation, the first one being the surfing destination. If the place is good, the rest of the things fall in place one by one. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in the world of surfing, many destinations are waiting for you to join.

If you have been longing for a Europe surf trip, check out options in Portugal and Spain. Bali, Indonesia is another beautiful destination other than Australia. No prize for guessing the best destination in the world here – Hawaii, USA, which tops the list all the time and is THE surf spot! And of course, you may opt for Crescent Head Surf, and that is when you can benefit by contacting Surfaris, one of the finest places to learn all things are surfing.

There are also weather considerations for particular places as some camps are open throughout the year, even when the weather is not so surf-friendly. Places like the Maldives are great for beginners, and the weather is almost all the time favorable for surfing. Try out some tools that can predict accurate weather conditions keeping in mind requirements of surfers, kite surfers, sailors, and windsurfers.

Features & Facilities Of The Surf School

If you are planning for a surf school, you might want to check some authentic reviews before you enroll yourself into one. There are plenty of surf schools, and you will need a good amount of research to choose one that suits your purpose. Look for online reviews, where you can get some reliable and experience-based reviews. Check for blogs that mention specific incidents and experiences. If there is a review that you find too good to believe or even if you have any doubts – ask. Most of the times, users are happy to receive comments on their posts and respond appropriately.

Shortlist a set of schools and visit their websites. Note down the pros and cons of each, the features they provide, the infrastructure they have. You will get a fair idea of which one is a good value for money. You will find more specific and focused information on forums that are especially for surfers, i.e. surf forums or groups. After all this homework, call them up and check on the details. This is the time you will know whether their claims are true or false, as you already have some background information.

Value for Money

Well, a surf camp can’t be a cheap affair for sure. But then, you need to get the value for the money that you are going to shell out. That said, you can go surfing for as less as $400, but then have to be careful about where you are spending the money. For example, you can probably cut out on the other activities or probably share a room with someone, skip a meal or two and keep a note of what to do and what not to do. Alternatively, you can just spend $1000 and be treated like the king. Well, not everyone likes to be the king, so rest assured you will have as much fun with $400 as you will have by spending $1000. So, don’t work yourselves up too much with the price.

Surf Camp Stay

You get a lot of options with the accommodation too! There are single rooms, double rooms and shared rooms with bunkers. Everything is on the price and the more you want to spend on the room, the better-quality room you will get. If you want a single room, you will have to shake your pocket a bit more than the other options. But before booking the room, think once about whether it is worth spending so much on the room. All you need the room is for sleeping and getting fresh. When you are done surfing, you will be dead tired – any bed will work well. When you get up, you would want to get ready and get going to practice the surf moves.


Generally, the price of surf camp excludes transportation. You need to make your arrangements, preferably as soon as you book for the camp. This is so that you can get a good deal. Check out the surf charter, which is an easier and faster way to get to your destination. Choose a transport mechanism with which you spend more time surfing than traveling.

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  1. Surfing is so exhilarating. I am terrible at it but love every opportunity I get to surf (always with a skilled friend) He has warned me of the many dangers that accompany surfing. I could totally benefit from a surfing school as could anyone seeking to surf. The article mentions cost… Having a professional there to teach and watch over you in case of an emergency is well worth the cost. Consider also a form of life insurance!

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