As the technology is developing in leaps and bounds, more and more beneficial web applications are coming into play. When you build a website, you do it with the hope of garnering ample viewers for it. But, this is not as easy to actualize as it may sound. Your website must be accessible through an array of browsers irrespective of its type. In this regard, the comparium app can act as an effective tool for the various web builders out there. It helps you in testing your website’s compatibility across multiple browsers, platforms and versions. More importantly, the Selenium is an efficient web testing tool and comprises one of the essential aspects of comparium app. It allows you to carry out an automated web testing procedure in a hassle-free manner.

Prominent Features of the Comparium App 

Prior to making the best use of this comparium app, you must obtain a sound understanding about its features also. Some of its prominent features can be considered as follows:

Backup for multiple browsers from different platforms: Through this feature you can perform your web testing on any possible platform. Besides, you can also access to trendy operating system, browser as well as browser versions. There are also some operating systems on which you can perform your web testing through the comparium app. Some of them are Windows 10, High Sierra, Linux etc.

Get offline web testing report via email: The most essential component that you will require during your web testing are your email and its related URL.

Comparium app will perform the rest of the procedure on behalf of you. You don’t need to wait before the computer for the screenshots to be processed and popping up on the screen. Instead, you will receive a set of screenshot to your existing email id.

Backup for multiple web browser and their versions: The comparium app also allows you a web testing on your desired browser or operating system. This implies that you can perform your web testing session on any possible browser or operating system according to your personal choice. Some of the accessible browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, Safari 11.0 etc. Not only this, you can also perform a visual compatibility testing across multiple web browsers.

How effective is the comparium app? 

As a matter of fact, the manual cross website testing is quite tedious and strenuous at the same time. It involves a number of repetitive processes by reviewing every version of web browser across multiple operating systems. On the contrary, the comparium app can freed you from the clutches of all these issues. You can perform the same task via the comparium app only with a few clicks. It allows you perform your web testing across ample browsers and operating systems at a globally accessible extent. Many web developers have already reaped off the maximum benefits from this particular application as compared to others. Without any doubt, comparium app has made the life of the web developers much easier than before.


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