By Awais Ahmed

In this present time, it is not easy to operate a shipping company. The maritime community comes across a new regulation every week regarding protection of marine environment or personal safety.

Companies need to have the discipline to operate in such environment. Not only requires a strong financial background but also huge amount of resources and manpower. However, one must keep in mind that complying with these laws and regulations would benefit the company in the long run.

Turning these regulations to your benefit can ensure a successful career. Here are some ways in which you can make profit out of strict safety policies:

1. Increase work efficiency: Strict implementation of safety policies on ship ensures that crew is safe in the sea in spite of narrow medical resources. The steps taken to make sure that crew is safe invokes a feeling among them that company cares.

Such an attitude increases the efficiency of working personnel. Nevertheless, a healthy crew automatically leads to smoother ships. These regulations tend to eradicate every sign of fatigue among crew members ensure a smooth operation of ship.

2. Reduce in costs: Whenever a professional is injured on the ship, companies have to bear the cost which are usually very high. Complying with these policies ensure that no such accident occurs which helps to save money in long run.

Similarly a better environment on ships reduces the chances of crew signing off due to poor health. This enables the company to keep control of unnecessary expenses.

It also helps you to save unnecessary insurance and legal costs. With the minimum number of accidents taking place on the ship, company saves a lot of insurance and legal matters.

Furthermore, there is a reduction in machinery and maintenance cost. Health and safety policies also covers safe operation of machinery. If all the safety measures are kept in mind and followed properly, a lot of money can be saved in the long term.

3. Building reputation: You can find many shipping companies or shipping-associated companies like with a good reputation. One of the reason behind having a good impression on their customers is that comply with the respective laws and regulations. It enables you to build a reputation not only among your crew but the whole industry.

4. Retains an efficient crew: Crew are always concerned about their safety while travelling on ships. Shipping company given priority to safety of their crew is always preferred by job seekers. Job seekers never look for companies which compromise even the slightest on safety regulations. So it is important to maintain employee loyalty a lot.

5. Reduction in absences from work: Ship has limited resources when it is in sea. They have a limited number of people work on it. A shipping company cannot afford even a small number of absences. It can make the shipping operations suffer a lot. This is where team efforts come into play. So you want the regulations to be imposed in order to acquire crew’s trust which will minimize the number of absences.

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