By Rik Flaxman

Fishing is a hobby for some, a sport for others and a profession for some others. Whatever fishing means to us, we always want to make catches.

However, making catches will not be possible unless you have the right gadgets and accessories.

This is one of the best fishing tips that is well known – that the right gadgets will increase your chances of making great catches. Even then, we are always confused about what gadgets to bring along with us for fishing trips.

This leads to us packing and unpacking, wondering which of these gadgets is the most important. We have recognized this need and have decided to address it in this article. We will provide you with the top ten gadgets and accessories you need for your fishing trip in 2017. These gadgets have been proven to be the most critical to anybody who loves fishing.

After reading this, you will never have to worry about the right fishing gadgets to take.

What are the Gadgets? It has been noticed that even after packing and unpacking, some gadgets still have a constant spot in your bags or boxes. These gadgets have been carefully curated from experience and relevance. We have assessed every possibility and have come up with a list that covers every component of your fishing trip.

These accessories will help you improve your fishing skills, ensuring you make more catches. In no particular order, these are the top ten fishing gadgets for your fishing trip in 2017:

· Dehooker: Dehookers are an essential part of fishing, especially when things get a little too speedy. Dehookers help you safely, cleanly and easily release a fish without having to bring the fish into your boat. This device saves you a whole lot of time releasing fish and makes sure you do not miss out on other potential catches. Dehookers also promote healthy catch and release habits.

· Fishing Flashlight: The fishing flashlight is important because it provides an illuminated view of your fishing environment. Flashlights are also handy if you love fishing in the dark. Most of these flashlights come with tripod stands, and can emit both white and blue lights. These lights are also designed to attract the fish to your boat, making for an easy catch. There is no doubt that fishing flashlights are important in fishing trips.

· A pair of Pliers: If you are really into fishing, you would know that a pair of pliers are one of the most important accessories to take on fishing trips. This simple device can serve multiple purposes, providing a convenient fishing experience. You can use pliers to cut monofilament lines, remove a hook from the mouth of a fish, aid in tying knots, amongst other things. It is important to purchase pliers that are resistant to water and corrosion. You will have to buy a plier made out of a material that is durable and waterproof.

· Fish Finder: The fish finder is perhaps the most important gadget for making catches on your fishing trips. Before deciding to settle in on spot for fishing, the fish finder can help you explore and find fish within the water body you are fishing from. The best fish finder usually has an LCD screen and can show you if there is any fish in an area right on the screen. The best fish finder on wave signals to find and determine composition, depth, and structure, displaying the results in an easily understood format on your screen. Whether you are a professional, amateur or whatever, the fish finder will add an edge to your fishing experience. If you ever ask someone for fishing tips, they would most likely mention a fish finder.

· A Durable Waterproof Fishing Bag: You definitely need to carry all your gears and accessories, and a good fishing bag ensures you do this without any hitch. One of the important features you should consider in a fishing bag is a waterproof construction. The bag should have quality zippers and a solid foamy bottom to support all the load within. You should consider the shapes and design of the things you want to store inside the bag, as they determine the kind of bag you should take. Durability is also a very essential feature. You do not want to have to buy a new bag every time you are going fishing.

· Storage Boxes: Storage boxes are the boxes in which you fit your fishing gadgets before putting them in your fishing bag. These boxes create a sort of modularity in your storage, such that you can easily group similar gadgets and reach for them easily. Fishing storage boxes are indeed an important part of your fishing trip in 2017.

· First Aid Kit: It goes without saying that health and safety should be prioritized in any fishing trip. It is almost impossible to predict what could happen on any fishing trip, so it is a good idea to take a first aid kit whenever you are planning for one. Make sure your kit has all the essentials, and also make sure to take drugs that cater for headaches and sea sickness. Make sure to also keep your drugs in a waterproof container, so they do not get ruined by water. The first aid kit should come first, never forget it behind.

· Weather Meter: Weather meters help provide you with relevant information about the weather in your fishing area. This will help you plan in advance for any eventuality, ensuring you are not caught unawares during your fishing trip. A weather meter is a necessary fishing gadget to have in 2017.

· Fishing Gloves: Fishing gloves are important because they helps protect your hands from the rigors of fishing. You will be dealing with a lot of sharp equipment, so you need to protect your hands from getting hurt. Some fish even have sharp points, so it is only right to protect yourself from possible infection. A glove that will last and not tear easily is one to look out for. Fishing gloves are a must-have as they help keep your hands safe and free from cuts all through your fishing trip.

· Underwater Fishing Camera: The underwater fishing camera helps you locate fish underwater. The best ones have a complete 360 degrees view of the water body, providing you with a holistic and clear view of your fishing area. Some of these cameras have remote controls, allowing you operate them conveniently. A fishing camera is a great addition that will ensure you make more catches on your fishing trips in 2017.


There is no doubt that there are several fishing gadgets available on the market, making it difficult to decide on the important ones. However, this article has done justice to helping you make better decisions about the important fishing accessories. You need not worry about what to take for that fishing trip anymore, as all of the gadgets here will cater for your needs, whatever they may be. The fishing tips provided here are sure to make your fishing trips much more fun in 2017.

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